Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keeping busy with craft projects!

Over this past year Eric has been kept really busy with school, group projects, and intramural sports so I've had a LOT of time by myself. After watching every good movie on the netflix's instant que (and for those of you who don't have netflixs, there is a limited selection of "good" movies on the instant que) I had to find something that kept me busy when I didn't have school work to do. This is how I found my love for crafting. Of course, I have always admired those with the "crafting" ability and homemade items, but never really attempted to do much myself because 1st, my creativity level is well below average and 2nd; whenever I did try some kind of craft it turned out less than perfect. Anyway, I decided to give it a try after finding some truly inspirational craft blogs (hence, giving me the craft ideas...and instructions included!) and now it has become a craze of mine, especially while trying to pass the time alone.

One of mine and Eric's goals for the new year is to stick to a budget as we try to save everything we can before we have a to fork over an arm and a leg to deliver Mia (which will be a "well worth it" investment, but a pricey investment none the less!) So to stick to our budget I have been searching for cheap crafts that can be done for less than $5.

The first craft I found were these temple blocks from
Lil' Luna blog. She had her husband antique a ton of different temple pictures people would send her and posted them back up in high resolution for others to use. I made one for my sister-in-law for her birthday. I printed the picture (8x10) at costco and went to Home Depot to get scrap wood (they cut 7 11x9 inch blocks for me for free and I got all of them for $2!) This would be a great and easy gift for newlyweds also!
The next project I did was for a friend who just had a baby boy and said she was having trouble finding a church outfit for him. I have always wanted to try the tie applique onesie so this was the perfect chance to try one. While looking for ideas online I also got the idea to add a corduroy vest over the tie as well. It turned out super cute and was really easy and cheap to make! I found a tutorial for the tie applique on the blog Crap I've Made. Also, as since my classes haven't really picked up yet, I decided to deep clean and organize a room in our apartment each week in preparation for Mia and needing some extra space to store all the stuff for Mia. Last weekend I did our bedroom, which was neglected since we moved in. I reorganized our closets , rearranged the bed and dressers (with Eric's help of course) and finally hung up a shelf and pictures I bought for our bedroom almost a year ago. The final product looks great and who doesn't like falling asleep in a clean, organized room! The next room on my list is our guest room which will be Mia's room.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year...a fresh start!

So, I'm a little late welcoming in the new year not only on my blog, but in my mind as well. It's taken me about a week after the new year to come up with my resolutions and to get my mind set with "a new year, a fresh start and I'm going to do better!"
In looking back, 2010 was a great year! Eric and I celebrated our first year of marriage, moved into a new apartment, went to Germany, started our family and are expecting a baby girl, became an aunt and uncle to the adorable Sophia, now 6 months and getting cuter by the day, and we've been able to spend lots of time with friends and family which we are so blessed to have.
We ended the year (Christmas vacation) in Ely with my family. We both got to have some relaxation time, which I'm sure Eric was a lot more grateful for, considering he was really busy last semester in his first year in the Information Systems major. I got to watch my fair share of sappy Christmas movies that I had my mom tape for me over the month of December since we don't have TV and had a list of projects that I was able to get done with Eric's gracious help! We also got our fill of Christmas goodies and homemade dinners...at least I did anyway with my generous 7 lbs of weight gain over the break. :) (The downside of being pregnant during the holidays.)
We spent Christmas Eve in the traditional Robertson way of going up to my Grandparent's house for dinner and singing all of the Christmas hymns before reading the account on Christ's birth in Luke. My little brother Seth, in his tactic for being able to fall asleep that night, woke up really early that morning and planned on staying up late, so we all watched a movie to help him. It made me excited for that future time when our kids will be big enough to get excited for Christmas. That will be a lot of fun!
Anyway, at promptly 7am (which it the earliest my parents allowed us children to wake them up Christmas morning) Seth came running to get us all up to open presents. All in all it was great Christmas and it was nice to have most of the family there. We missed having Tyler, Annelise and Sophia there though, but luckily we got to see them, along with some extended family, for New Years at my grandparents house in Logandale to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday.
Eric and I have now started into the winter semester at school and have both continued working. This first week went really well for me, considering I went into it with a less than excited attitude; however, I have come to get a little more excited about it (I don't know if that's the right word). Now that I'm getting closer to being down I get to take a lot more classes in my major and I'm reminded of how much I love Family Studies. I hope that I can take what I learn in my classes and not only apply them into my own family, but be able to help other families in the community, especially those struggling.
Eric is still plugging along in his major and for the most part loving it. He is also getting ready to take the GMAT and apply for internships this summer. Mia is also doing great! (P.S. Over the break I decided that we would settle on a name for our baby girl since I was getting really tired of the "name" conversation...hence Mia Caldwell.) She is starting to kick a lot more now and I've been loving the task of getting her room ready! I'm getting some really cute ideas from craft blogs that I keep up on. We are both excited for her to come and to see what she'll look like and eventually she what her personality will be like.

The long awaited pregnancy pictures at 26 weeks.

Below are some of the projects I did over the Christmas break!

The top is a baby quilt blanket I started for Mia's room. I backing in with minky material which I love because it is so soft. I just need to have it quilted and then finish off the ends. Below is the window frame I made for her room also, with the decorative knobs to hang things.

Below is mine and Eric's Christmas present to each other...a new LED TV which we found for 55% off! Talk about a great deal. With the help of my Grandpa I also made the frame shelves above the TV. They turned out great and were free!
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