Some Random Fact About Mwah

1. I'm an all around small town girl. I was raised in Ely, Nevada, a population of about 5000 people, and I LOVED it!

2. "I bleed blue"...aka I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and majored in Family Studies. (If you didn't notice from above this is also where I met my husband; at a BYU football game.)

3. It's a running joke between Eric and I  that my favorite past time is "visiting"...and it's true! Stick me in a room with a couple other awesome ladies and a yummy dessert and I could be there for hours chatting it up!

4. I have two "other half's". One being my husband and the other being my twin sister. Needless to say we're pretty tight :)

5. I'm a sucker for cheesy chic-flicks...yes that even includes all those Hallmark movies.

6. My ideal vacation would be somewhere warm with no agenda, beautiful views and a good book.

7. Things I LOVE to do - read, craft, bake, photography, relaxing at home with the fam, and jamming out to music throughout the day. (This could be why Mia starts dancing every time she hears music playing.)

8. I'm in NO way perfect (gasp!). It's true, I have many weakness and struggles and that is why one of my main goals of this blog is to make it as "real" as possible. I find I can't relate to blogs where everything always looks perfect (the outfits, the children, the house and life in general). I like to know there are other women out there going through the same things as me and reading about their journey through it all.

Why I Blog?

Well, I actually started this blog right after Eric and I got married because I was told it was the "married" thing to do and for the purpose of having it be a journal. So I would post every couple months when we actually did something worth documenting. However, over time I realized that I had so much more I wanted to share then just updates on our lives. Now this blog has become a place where I share my personal experiences and thoughts through my life of being a wife, mom, crafter, a daughter of God and just me. My hope is that through this blog I can help uplift and inspire others, but to also gain the same inspiration from fellow friends and bloggers.

You can contact me at thecaldwellcoupleblog@gmail.com


  1. So I just came to your blog from your free temple printable at a link up party. As I got navigating around your posts, I knew that this was a blog I loved. It's so real and fun. The thing that especially caught my attention was your about page. I also love to chat with other ladies and dessert is always a bonus. The last sentence on your page talked about how you up to uplift and inspire through your blog; those are two of four main points in our mission statement (uplift, inspire, create, and encourage). We also came from a small town (except ours was in Idaho and only 500 people) and are Mormons.
    I couldn't help but leave a comment and I hope when you have time that you can come see our blog. Maybe you will be interested in adding more sisters to your blog friends.
    Good luck with your new daughter Livy. I'm sure everything will go perfect (it is much easier the second time around- I made it to the hospital less than 30 minutes before my son was born).
    Al @ Shaffer Sisters (shaffer-sisters.com)
    This post might be one you like (http://shaffer-sisters.blogspot.com/search?q=i+can+do+hard+things)

  2. Hey there,
    just wondering why do you have blogspot.co.id as your domain and oh, I am Indonesian blogger that use the same domain ( please do a visit here http://wifewrites.blogspot.co.id/).

    Keep inspiring through those moments with your precious family :)


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