Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY Baby Girl Onesies

It's been awhile since I've posted a project I've done besides the fair... let me's actually been awhile since I've even done a project that wasn't for the fair! So this was a fun and easy project that wasn't home decor.

Some good friend of ours were getting ready to have a baby girl. I just love all the cute ideas and things there are out there for baby girls and with me having 2 girls of my own I decided to gift two of my favorite things I liked having for my girls.

1. Some headbands and accessories from Ambrey's Accessories. As I mentioned before I love these headbands with interchangeable snap accessories. Mia wore one just about everyday of first year of her life and they held up perfectly to use now for Livy.

2. Cute onesies. Onesies are my absolute favorite and go to for babies. I even use them for under baby dresses or shirts because I hate constantly having their dress/shirt up to their armpits and their tummies being bare. It's a little weird and OCD I know. Anyway I thought I'd get a little creative and "embellish" some onesies on my own.

I just used scrap fabric, lace and trim I already had to put these together along with some iron-on applique paper and the final result was just so adorable! I want to remake all of these for Livy now!

I'm in love with Peter-pan collared shirts right now so of course I had to try my hand and making one in "baby form". 


  1. The peter pan collared onesie is ADORABLE!! Hanna you are amazing and I love seeing your crafts!

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