Monday, August 26, 2013

House Business

Friday I let you in on the news that we are in the works of buying a house. So now I'd like to fill in on the details. This house was something that kind of just fell in our laps and seemed like the opportunity we had been waiting for as we have been on and off again house hunting for the last year. 

Here's the story...We have some really good friends that just bought a house a year ago and one day when we were visiting them and joking about how nice it would be to live closer to each other they mentioned that the people across the street were building a house and getting ready to sell theirs. Long story short, we went over and asked if we could look at the house, liked the potential that we saw, felt good about perusing it and went home and started talking to lenders to make something happen and made an offer!

The owner of the house was planning on putting it on the market through a Realtor once she was moved into her new house, but since we were interesting in buying it, to save her money and get her to come down to the price we wanted for the house we are in the process of buying it without a Realtor involved. I've been doing a lot of research on buying a house without a Realtor and in most cases it seems that people suggest having one. I'm interested to see how this whole process plays out and hope it has a positive and good ending. So far we have had a lot of help and guidance from family and a friends which has been very helpful!

Right now we are in the process of writing up a contract with the owner. It's proving to be a little bit of a drug out process right now as the owner still isn't sure when her house will be finished so she is hesitant on setting any deadlines as of now, but hopefully we hear something this week from her and get the ball rolling. If all goes as planned and the appraisal and inspection check out we should be in this house by the end of October or early November...I know, it seems FOREVER away!

Now for some pictures!

The owner is in the middle of packing everything up, but to give you an idea, here is living room you come into when entering this house. There are some really great updates on this house, one being these beautiful wood floors that you can kind of see!

From the living room you walk back into the kitchen. This kitchen has some great potential for projects that I already have brewing! (Ex. painting the cabinets, back-splash and possibly removing the cabinets on the left wall and adding open shelving)

We LOVE this backyard. It has this huge multi-level deck that have trees that hang over for shade. I can see some pretty great dinner parties happening out here :)

We also love that this yard is fully fenced so the girls will have somewhere to come outside and play. The yard also extends on both sides of the house for more lawn space with a shed and a place for a garden.

Needless to say once again Eric and I are very excited for this next step in our lives and to have a house to make our own. I'll admit that sometimes I stay up at night thinking of all the projects I could do in this house! I'm sure Eric just cringes at the ideas that are a little ambitious and not to mention that I'm getting way ahead of myself.

Anyway I'll continue posting about the updates and things learned on this whole house buying process for documentation and in hopes that it could possibly help someone else in a similar situation. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. How exciting! The house looks great and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Hope it all goes smoothly for your guys!

  2. I had a friend/ward member who is a realtor who said in cases like these, he would charge $150 to get the paperwork done...Peter Morely.

  3. AHHH!!!!! So exciting! Can't wait to hear more!!! Love the house Hanna. SO great!

  4. YAY!! Can't wait for more updates! LOVE love LOVE the multi level deck *drooling*. The floors are beautiful and I definitely want to see your projects as they come underway. I always love your projects. :)

  5. Press on with that. That's kind of a way of asserting yourselves and your dreams. Any concerns should settle itself. If not, then there's several other ways to do that. Don't let the costs and all that stuff hold you back.


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