Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Wall Bookshelves

After posting about wanting to make these wall bookshelves last December I finally talked Eric into helping me make these for Mia's bedroom. Eric resists doing projects with me since I can be a little bit of perfectionist and can make a situation stressful if things don't go as planned. However, after promising to contain myself we heading to Home Depot for some wood and supplies. We ended up finding 1x2 and 1x4 pieces of wood that were already white. These were a little more expensive then the regular wood boards but I think in the end of not having to buy paint, sand and prime it was definitely worth it!

The plans/tutorial for this project is from Ana White blog HERE. So easy!!

After getting all the supplies for these shelves it came out to be just about $10 a shelf, so about $40 for the whole project!

I just LOVE how these turned out as well as being able to finally take Mia's books out of their boxes from the move so we could actually use them!

This is what a like to call a project success!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Remember us the Caldwells...who seemed to drop off of the blogging planet for the last month?! Well I am back and apologize for the long break in between posts. I have recently been working on my photography business as well as that blog so I have neglected this one. Not to mention I haven't taking pictures of our family for quite some time so this last weekend I made it a goal to take some so I could update you all on our lives as of prepared for LOTS of pictures.

Eric has been gone during the week days working in Venture, California so it was back to being a single parent for me. The first week was rough since Mia was teething and just not a happy camper, but it seemed to go smoother from there. I think we are finally adjusting to our new lifestyle and making it work for our family. I wouldn't say this is for every family, but it seems to be working for us at the moment and I will always be grateful for Eric for working to provide for us, whatever it is so I can stay home and be with my favorite little girl!

Since Eric is only home on the weekends we try to make the most of them so this last weekend for Labor Day we made a long needed trip to Vernal to see Eric's family. We hadn't been there since last Easter! The trip there was beautiful as we were able to already see the changing color of the leaves while driving in the canyons.

Saturday Eric's grandparents took us on a rather long day trip to a historic site 2 hours from Vernal to Browns Park and Jarvie Ranch. It was right on the Green River and was a beautiful overcast afternoon. We started by having lunch there before we took a tour of the historical ranch built by John Jarvie in 1880. 

My two favorite people who I love to piece!

And your very own, personal picture tour of the ranch...I'm sure you're thrilled!

This was Mia...a very sad girl who missed her nap...before we got in the car to leave.
Sunday after having a really yummy dinner Eric's grandparents decided to take a stroll in the Maser cemetery which we joined them on.

Before we left Will took Mia for a ride in his little truck. She thought it was so fun!

Regardless of my total dislike of pets Mia loves them. I don't know if they love her so much though lol.
Mia and Dad where chasing Grandpa and I couldn't resist snapping pictures of all her cute faces!

Mia found some sprinklers at the cemetery to run through

This is what she looked like after the fact!
 We enjoyed our weekend in Vernal with family!
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