Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ode to Crafts!

Anyone who knows me, knows I have recently gotten into crafting over the last couple of years. As I was looking for things to ask for for Christmas I decided to ask for a drill and even was considering a jigsaw and nail gun. Eric gave me a weird look when he saw my list, but I have big plans to kick my crafting up a notch, especially when we finally get a house and I have some space (very far into the future)! Anyway, here will be my first project when I get my tools...

Wall Bookshelves for Mia's room: I have always had a love for reading especially as a child. I've been wanting to get a big library for Mia when I read to her and when she gets old enough to pick out her own bedtime stories. Anyway, I ended up splurging a little and bought over 250 children books for a lady on KSL. I've loved having different books to read Mia other than the two we previous had and this is what I plan to do in our next place.

As for now, here are few projects I've done recently for Christmas presents.

Kitchen Wall Art: I have a good friend who I've said I would help her with decorating her apartment and I thought what better gift then some home decor! It turned out really cute! I hope she doesn't mind me posting her Christmas present.

Magnetic Nativity: I've been looking for a good gift for the girls I visit teach and found this perfect idea since they all have young children. I found this really cute nativity clip-art online for $1 and then printed it off on magnetic sheets and cut it out. To give it a little extra protection from children I put a coating of mod podge over the pieces. I didn't take a picture of it but here is the clip art I used.

I also rearranged Mia's bedroom. We use to have a double bed in there but found out that Mia was not a very good sleeping partner and we hardly used the bed so on a whim I decided to sell it and got it taken off my hands the same day I listed in on KSL! Anyway, it was some great extra cash for the holidays and really opened up Mia's room. I even finally got around to putting up the window frame I made last winter!

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