Monday, December 5, 2011

The Thanksgiving Post

This is me finally getting to that Thanksgiving post! I must say I felt a little pressure over Thanksgiving to do everything I blogged about doing; however, after talking to my brother, he assured me that he blogs all the time about doing things and never does them. The thing about the Robertson family is that we always make "big" plans, but only end up doing about 1/4 of them and still end up having a great time.

Anyway, Mia and I had a nice, relaxing week home before all the family started showing up. The crowd of family started showing up Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. We didn't take long jump off the bang-wagon of eating health when we made homemade cazookies that night. Basically I've gotten everyone hooked since Eric and I tried them and the inside joke of me eating three in one weekend. So this particular time I held to my guns and didn't have one with the intent to save room for the ten pies we made/bought for the following night.

Just a few of our many pies!

We actually did not have Thanksgiving until Friday because Sara and Collin originally were not going to be able to make it until Friday morning, but they surprised us by showing up Thursday morning! We decided it would be a good idea to eat pie though Thursday before we were sick from eating Thanksgiving dinner so we make a few small appetizers and ate pie for dinner. Call us weird, but I thought it was a very good idea! For the first time I was able to enjoy eating my pie! Friday was our Thanksgiving day. We had a fabulous meal and sharing it with everyone there (My parents, siblings (minus Tyler, Annelise and Sohpia), Grandpa Bohn, Grandpa and Grandma Robertson, my uncle Pat and two kids and his girlfriend and her little girl)

Unfortunately we did not end up doing the turkey trot due to no one wanting to get up at 6 to run it and our unusual Thanksgiving schedule and getting Christmas trees because we forgot to get tags and didn't want to risk paying a $600 fine if we got caught. However, we still baked and ate a ton of delicious food, mom and I got quite a few Christmas movies in (although not as much as I would have liked), card making, girl's night at Twilight which we all highly regretted after going, "Just Dance" dance off and game night, and all around fun!

Mia had a fabulous time being spoiled by everyone there and rarely ever got put down and I was also very spoiled since my parents had Mia sleep up in a room next to them and my dad got up with her in the mornings and bathed her! A huge thanks Mom and Dad!!!! (Especially since Eric and I were the ones without the room this trip and slept out in the family room once we finally would kick everyone out for the night!) Luckily Mia slept well the whole trip during the nights and was a great baby as usual.

Mia getting her bath in the kitchen sink. (Future blackmail pictures!)

Mia and my Grandma Robertson

Mia got a walker for Christmas! It took her a couple days to figure out she could move in this but she figured it out. She would grab the necks of both the giraffes and look like she was trying to fly a plane. lol 

I love this picture! Mia loves to play and yell at the same you can see where she gets in from ;)

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Baby steps right? the past I would not have taken any!


  1. Too cute! I love the bath in the sink picture!

  2. Yes, the sink picture was darling. Mia is SO CUTE! What an awesome Thanksgiving you had! That is something I need to remind myself of during the relax and enjoy it! I am glad you had some nice down-time. Something I need to get better at. Thanks for the post!

  3. Looks like it was a fun thanksgiving! And my family is totally the same way - we way over plan and only get a portion of our plans done. Oh well. So long as its enjoyable time with your family, who cares what you do! :)


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