Saturday, February 25, 2012

Richly Blessed!

Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am for the Lord's rich blessings he has and continues to bless our family with! I think the Lord knew how much I was relying on faith through all those months of waiting for a job and not being able to plan anything...which for me was really hard because I am a planner!! Not only did we get a job before Eric graduated so we didn't have to be unemployed, but we got the job we wanted! After this I was feeling great and then gradually more anxiety set in. For any of you who know me very well you would know I struggle with change good or bad and there is a lot of change coming our way. Anyway, I was feeling pretty guilty because we just got blessed with getting a great job and where able to stay in Utah close to family and yet I was still finding things to worry about. One of my biggest worries apart from change was moving and finding an apartment. I spent some time this week seeing what was out there on KSL and at least to me I wasn't supper impressed. Not to mention it was making me really grateful for what we have now, especially for the price. Once again I had to turn to faith and humbly asked my Heavenly Father that I could have the faith that everything would turn out great and we would find something that would fit our needs.

Long story short this was one of those times that the answer to my prayer came without much waiting. We went and looked at a couple places today and the first one we looked at we fell in love with it! It had pretty much everything I needed/wanted, was within our budget and we were the family that the landlords were looking for and were willing to hold it for us until Eric graduates! This is just another testimony to me that Heavenly Father does hear and answer prayers and comforts those in times of need. I feel so very blessed to have an amazing family to call my own, for a job and a place to live, but most especially for my Father in Heaven and Savior, Jesus Christ who lead me along even when I can't always see the path ahead of me.

These are the pictures that I pulled from the ad on KSL.There weren't that many, but here's a little sneak peak. I'll be sure to take pictures once we move in and make it our home! Oh and it's in West Jordan so a little bit of a distance from family and friends, but I'll take that rather then a few states away!

Monday, February 20, 2012

We are officially Employed!

I am very excited to announce that Eric is officially employed once he graduates in April!!! He accepted an offer from Sunrise Technologies at a Junior Consultant! They are located in North Carolina; however they will be having Eric work here in Utah on a project they are working on with the church for the next couple of years so we get to stay in the area as well, which is what I really wanted!

We are really excited to finally have a plan and such a great job to start off Eric's career! They seem like a great company that is very family oriented and the job has some really good perks. We feel so very blessed and grateful! We are both still working through finishing this semester and Mia continues to grow and learn new things everyday. Some major advances to note are that she now climbs or at least tries, clicks her tongue, plays peek-a-boo, and snuggles a lot more! I'm still in denial that my baby girl is turning 1 year in just 2 months! Where did that year go?!

We also had a great Presidents Day weekend! On Friday Eric's grandparents came out and spend the night. It was really good to see them and spend some time them. We took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and went to the driving range to practice hitting golf balls (me need more of the practice than Eric). We also had some friends over that night to enjoy the BYU basketball game and a fun movie. And then on Sunday was had Tyler and Annelise over for dinner. We also enjoyed the visit with them and are really glad Annelise is feeling a little better. Today we had just a relaxing day with no agenda. I loved getting to spend a long weekend with Eric and celebrating our new adventure ahead of us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Event Worth Noting

It is an event to record in the Caldwell family today! We got our first furniture that we didn't have to put together ourselves and our very first "real" dresser! And for us, at least me this is a very big deal! As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Eric let me buy a dresser for Valentines Day. He normal gets presents himself, but he know who much of an opinion I like to have on our home...ok maybe the only opinion and occasionally I'll ask for Eric's advice. The two very small dresser we had were falling apart and could barely hold half of our clothes...meaning we needed a new dresser and to get rid of some clothes, which we did both of! While looking we found a great price on a whole bedroom set that was only a little more then a dresser so we went for it and bought it! They delivered it today and I spent the whole morning cleaning and organizing our bedroom with the new furniture. I love that there is finally a place for everything and I don't have to use all my force to rip open my dresser drawer that is crammed with clothes!

This post is basically just a documentation for us since I use this blog as kind of our family journal. So to give you something you'll probably be a little more interested in looking here are some pictures of Mia. I tried to do a little shoot today, but this is clearly something I'm going to have to do when Eric is home so he can entertain her and I can snap the pictures and not have to try both.

And here a just a few I've taken over the last few days.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I had a great Valentines Day with the two people that I love most...and if you can't guess who those might be, they would be none else but my wonderful husband and sweet little girl! Eric was in North Caroline Sunday and Monday for a job interview so I have been very glad to have him home again!! We didn't do anything too fancy this year besides eat a nice homemade dinner and when out for some ice cream. Mia got her first "real" encounter with sweets as we let her have some of our ice cream. I got a milk shake and she kept trying to grab the straw from me while I was drinking it so she could have a turn. It was quite funny, but a little nerving how quick she got hooked to it. Eric also outdid himself again this year but getting me a beautiful necklace and dresser. Haha, I know most of you are probably doing a double take at the dresser part, but we really need one! So I was happy that I finally got the "ok" to get one!

I would just like to close this post with a little shout out to Eric, who has given me everything I could want and need out of life so far and really makes such a great effort to spend time with his family even with his busy schedule. I never knew the true happiness that awaited me when I first met Eric until we were married and then had Mia. I love every day I get to spend with her. She has so much love in her...(she even has been a lot more snuggly lately where she will just crawl up to me and lay her head down on me for awhile). Life couldn't get any sweeter for me. We have been greatly blessed and continue to be!

 Mia's very hard to catch these days without something in her mouth or without her crawling away!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Update

The other week I finally decided to have a sewing day. Of course as fate would have it, it was probably one of the worst days to do it. Mia was sick the whole week and not a very happy baby. I really don't appreciate what a good baby Mia is until she is not herself! Anyway, I somehow managed to at least sew a skirt for Mia that I kind of made up as I went along and it ended up turning out really cute.

This next project, I started before Christmas when I was teaching Sara how to crochet. We both made these cute ear warmers and I finished it up this week by crocheting a flower for it. These are quite popular here in Utah and I've really wanted one, but most of them are just so wide that I didn't like them so I loved that I was able to make this ear warmer fit my wants!

And now for my favorite project underway...Sara's baby shower (which I have already mentioned). We were working on some of the things for the shower over the weekend and I just love how everything is coming together that I wanted to give you all a sneak peek!

We made four of these flower arrangements for a total of $6! I got some old mason jars from my Grandma and we tinted them an aqua blue. Then we used the flowers from Sara's wedding bouquet and bought the rest at Walmart. Granted Walmart doesn't have the best looking fake flowers, but with fake flowers being so expensive we wanted to take a cheaper route and it still turned out great!

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