Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I had a great Valentines Day with the two people that I love most...and if you can't guess who those might be, they would be none else but my wonderful husband and sweet little girl! Eric was in North Caroline Sunday and Monday for a job interview so I have been very glad to have him home again!! We didn't do anything too fancy this year besides eat a nice homemade dinner and when out for some ice cream. Mia got her first "real" encounter with sweets as we let her have some of our ice cream. I got a milk shake and she kept trying to grab the straw from me while I was drinking it so she could have a turn. It was quite funny, but a little nerving how quick she got hooked to it. Eric also outdid himself again this year but getting me a beautiful necklace and dresser. Haha, I know most of you are probably doing a double take at the dresser part, but we really need one! So I was happy that I finally got the "ok" to get one!

I would just like to close this post with a little shout out to Eric, who has given me everything I could want and need out of life so far and really makes such a great effort to spend time with his family even with his busy schedule. I never knew the true happiness that awaited me when I first met Eric until we were married and then had Mia. I love every day I get to spend with her. She has so much love in her...(she even has been a lot more snuggly lately where she will just crawl up to me and lay her head down on me for awhile). Life couldn't get any sweeter for me. We have been greatly blessed and continue to be!

 Mia's very hard to catch these days without something in her mouth or without her crawling away!

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