Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday's Favorite Finds #2

1. That my sweet, little Livy is a perfectly healthy and happy 4 month old. Ok so this isn't really a recent find since I already knew this, but she had her 4 month check up today so I thought I'd share some updates on her. And can I just add...I CANNOT believe Livy is already 4 months. She is hardly my little newborn anymore. It's bittersweet!

No matter how bad my day is I can always look at her with her big blue eyes and warm smile and I instantly feel better. In fact Livy was so smiley and making the cutest little sounds today at her doctors visit the doctor said he was having trouble doing his job because she was being so darn cute. I like to think that this will be one of her strengths as she grows make people happy with her friendly and happy personality.

Livy for the most part is a pretty chill and easy baby. Unless she is hungry and then it's a whole other story, but that is easily fixed with a bottle. We're ever so close to getting her to sleep through the night as well. She goes to bed around 9:30 and sleeps most nights until 6am. Not bad at all, but I'm hoping to get her to sleep just a few more hours until morning. Livy also just loves her big sister and is constantly watching and smiling at Mia. Livy also has the cutest laugh which she does often. Basically I just love this little girl to pieces!

2. Dealflicks: This is in fact something I learned about this week. Dealficks is like Priceline for movies tickets! It partners with theaters to fill empty seats by selling movies tickets and concessions for up to 60% off. I'm definitely going to be trying this next time Eric and I want to go to a movie!

3. Chris Loves Julia blog. This is probably letting on how much I look at blogs. I can't remember how I found my way to this blog but I fell in love with it instantly and spent at least an hour browsing it. It's basically a blog about a couple's adventure making a house their own and all the projects that it entailed. It gave me all shorts of ideas I would love to do with our "hopefully" soon-to-be home.

4. My favorite finding of all....Eric gets to work from home next week! Originally Eric was scheduled to fly out again but because of the holiday he gets to stay home! It seems like a silly thing to be so excited about since he will still be working, but at least I get to see him and have help in the evenings! 

Lastly, I would quickly like to truly thank everyone for their comments and encouragement from my last post. It's times like these that I love have a place to share my rants (maybe not always the best thing) and have the opportunity to be uplifted by fellow mothers, wives and friends.

Hope everyone has a fantastic, long Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a fun blog! I love the pictures of your girls. So cute. And yeah, I've had those kinds of days too. I've definitely had many mothering moments that I am not proud of! I AM SOOO glad Eric gets to work from home this week. That is AWESOME!!!


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