Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Family Fun

It's been awhile since I've posted a "family" type post sadly because this is one of our first real weekends together actually doing something since before the fair at the beginning of August! And it couldn't have been spent a better way!

We left Friday morning for Vernal, but I insisted that we stop in Midway to check out Swiss Days. It's a celebration weekend Midway has with entertainment, booths, food and much more. We walked around and looked at all the fun booth they had and if I had more money and room I would have come home with a truck full of cute things. We ended up just settling for some cute wall prints for the girls rooms I have plans of hanging when/if we get into the new house.

That night Eric and his little brother set up tents in the backyard for a camp-out. Eric has been wanting to do this with Mia all summer, but just hasn't had time. I'm pretty sure Mia spent most of Friday evening/Saturday morning playing in the tents. Livy and I staying inside and each enjoyed a FULL nights rest. (For some reason my kids sleep amazing well at Grandpa and Grandma Caldwell's house.) We also did a little cook out Friday night too over a fire and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Saturday all of us girls went out to lunch and did a little shopping while the boys watched the first BYU football game. This face pretty much explains the outcome of the game and how Eric felt about it. Not to mention he had to miss the last half to go take family pictures. He's a trooper.

Sunday and Monday were spent just relaxing and enjoying everyone's company. This family knows how to have fun together and I've always loved that about them. We can't wait for our next trip out!

While we were there I also took advantage of the natural light which we don't get a lot of living in a basement apartment and snapped some pictures of little Livy being her usual cute self.

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