Thursday, September 26, 2013

Becoming a Better Me: Update

I have to apologize to those of you who enjoy reading my blog for the crafts or family updates. I am almost done with our kitchen table...still not exactly sure how I feel about the outcome yet. Regardless expect a post on that soon. As for our family, well as sad as it is we haven't done much worthy of a blog post lately. Eric has still been traveling every week and weekends have been packed with trying to get things done for the new house, clean and pack the one we're living in and other "not to exciting" things. However, next week I am flying with my mom to visit my sister in Oregon and am literally counting down the days! I feel like I've lost a best friend since she has left as well as getting to see that adorable little girl of her's.

In the mean time you get another post about my ramblings. Choose to continue on or just come back in the near future when I post some recent family pictures we had done :) Here's a little preview...

So a couple weeks ago I wrote a post where I made some goals to help me become a better me. Not everything went according to planned. The night after writing that post was the night Livy started officially sleeping through the night. I'm talking 9 PM and around 8 AM! I have no complaints about a full nights rest, but my 6:30 alarm clock was not longer waking up. No matter though because that was also the day Mia decided to start waking up an hour earlier at 7. It's like they can sense mom has made some changes based off their schedules so they should change it instantly. So instead, I get up when Mia gets up, take her to the bathroom and have her play in her room while I take a shower. After breakfast we all finish getting ready and are set for the day around 8:30. I then do my daily cleaning according to the cleaning chart I posted. I have LOVED this cleaning schedule! I feel like I am able to keep the house cleaned so much better and it doesn't seem like an overwhelming task. I get finished with that by 10 and have the rest of the morning to play with the girls until naptime in the afternoon where I can then have some "me" time. I'm amazed at how much more I'm accomplishing but still feel like I have the same, if not more, time than I did before.

For example, I take Mia to story hour at the library at 10:30 once a week and before, getting ready and out of the house by 10 even 11 was a struggle. Now we are all up and dressed with the house cleaned well before we need to go. This has definitely made me a happier mother!

Now that I have started to get my "every-day" life in order I have started focusing more on some inward goals. And the other night I came across something interesting. I actually read my real, hard copy scriptures instead of off my Iphone and I opened up to a post-it note of some goals I made when I was in high school. I found it interesting to look at the things I wanted to work on then, to how I improved on some of those things and what I am still working on. Here's the list:

- Do not say ANY mean things!! Ok, so I'm still working on this one. It's something I struggle with, but it's a dream of mine to one day leave this world being remembered as someone who was very nice and kind. Hopefully in the next 60 years I can make that happen!
-Be a better friend and sister. Now I would add wife and mother to this list as well. All things I am still working at daily as well!
-Work harder in school. If I only knew what little work high school entailed compared to college. Much to my dismay this is still something I am working on.
-Have positive thoughts!! This goal has taken on a whole new meaning to me today. Back then this had to do with my self image. As most teenagers are, I was very self-conscious about my body and looks. I put a lot of effort into becoming comfortable with my body. It's funny that after having 2 kids and weighing more then I did in high school I am a lot more confident in my body then I was then. Today I am always striving to have more positive thoughts on daily situations instead of trying to find all the bad things that happen.

And in lou of sharing my high school goals here's an oldie picture of me "back in the day". I'm not sure I'm old enough yet for terms like that but I like to think I am :)

I loved learning that I am not alone in my quest to be a better me through your comments! Your comments have been a great support to me! Thank you for them! And if you're reading this thank you for making it to the end of this post!


  1. Oh inspire me! Charlotte loves to "help", which as you know is no help at all. When do they start keeping themselves entertained?

    1. Haha I've started letting go of having a "picked-up" house while the kids were awake as long as I know it's somewhat clean underneath all the toys. And as far as Mia entertaining herself...that comes and goes depending on the day. lol. Today was not one where she wanted to do that!

  2. YAY! That is awesome Hanna! I love that you get ready right away in the morning. Some days I do that, some days I don't. It's definitely better the days that I get ready as soon as possible. Your posts are so great. Thanks for sharing. I haven't shared a lot in my blog lately except for stuff we're doing. So, what is happening with the house? Can't wait to hear an update. GREAT family picture! So exciting that you are seeing Sara. So fun. Portland is awesome.

    1. Thanks! You guys are so good and getting out and doing some much stuff! I wish we were more like that. Not much has happened with the house. We're having an inspection tomorrow and then we can do the appraisal. We close November 1st if all goes well though!

  3. I read your original post, thanks for the update.
    I admire you for setting the goals and following through. I have horrible follow through. And reading your scriptures, go you!
    I need to go back and check out that cleaning schedule. It sure would be nice to be done with the cleaning earlier rather than later. And maybe even give me some time for some sewing. :)
    Thanks for sharing.


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