Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Fast Lane of Life

Holy cow, I can't believe it's May already! Obviously it's been absolutely forever since I posted anything, but life has seemed to escape me these last couple of months as it has flown past! The general update is that Eric and I are still happily married, both recently finished our winter semester of school with good grades (marriage has done wonders for our grades as a side note) and are now both working full time at our jobs here on campus. Plus I'm taking a 6 hour art class twice a week. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I signed up for that....I'm starting to think I wasn't. My brief homework free days were crushed when spring classes started about two weeks ago. My real reason though for taking this art class is that it's a required class for the photography program I'm planning on applying for in the fall. Ok, so jumping from anthropology to psychology and now to photography doesn't really have any correlation, but I'm just fulfilling my duty as a college student in switched my major at least seven time as they say the average college student does. Plus I really have developed a love for taking pictures. Fingers crossed that this is the final choice for me though and that all goes as planned. (Hah, when as that ever happened?) At least, one of us in this family knows what they want and has been working really hard in getting it. Eric has been working on the prerequisite classes for the information systems program which he is applying for in June. He's really nervous about it, but I know he's going to knock the program reviewers dead with his mad skills in creating programs!
Another exciting update is that Eric and I are planning on moving at the end of this month. Yes, that's right we are slowly moving up into the world into a bigger apartment with a bigger kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and air conditioning and for any of you who have seen the apartment we currently live in you would know that is a definite upgrade! Visitors welcome! I will admit that Eric and I have both enjoyed the apartment we have now and with my crafty skills :) we got it looking quite cute (although I'm not sure if that's the word Eric would have used).
As for life in general, Eric and I are still playing on intramural soccer teams, which we both really LOVE! There's nothing like running for less than a minute and be on the verge of passing out from a short of breath and realizing how completely out of shape you are, but it seems all worth it to play the greatest sport ever invented. And as a resolve to that, Eric and I have started swimming three times a week in the morning before work. I must say I'm not a morning exerciser so it took us a while to get started but it feels good to be exercising. We have also started trying to eat healthier. There are big plans and hopes this summer for both of us to get back into shape. Another thing that we found we really enjoy doing together is reading. We started reading "The Testament" by John Grisham. So far it's a really good book that both Eric and I are interested in. We like to read it on our trips home, which helps the much traveled roads go back faster too.
Anyway, that's our life for the present. Updates and pictures to come shortly of our new apartment and our plans of going to Germany this summer with Eric's grandparents. Oh and updates to come of my "going to be" adorable niece, Sophia which should be arriving sometime next month!

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