Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Updates

We have had such a busy and eventful packed summer so far, where we have had something going every weekend for the last month and a half. Here's just a brief summary of everything we have done.

The last Sunday in May we had family and friends come for Mia's blessing. The week before I spent making her blessing dress (so me for waiting last minute) which to my great surprise turning out perfect!
After her blessing Mia and I went on her first trip to Ely. It was nice to be home for a week and it was nice for Eric to get to catch up on his sleep and enjoy going fishing. He also started his internship with the Church that week which he will be working at the rest of the summer. The next weekend Mom and Seth, my little brother, came in for him to go to the Jimmer and Jackson basketball camp. After enjoying spending some time with my family we got to spend the next 3 weekends with Eric's family. The first weekend Eric's Grandparents came out and stayed with us and used our Pass of all Passes and went to Trafalga and Seven Peaks. We also went to Sophia's 1st birthday party.
The catfish Eric catch will his Grandparents were staying with us. It smelt horrible!
I can't believe that it's been one year since I became an aunt. She has grown so fast, I'll be sad if it goes that quick with Mia, which I'm sure it will!

Anyway, the next weekend we did the same thing with Eric's Aunt, Uncle and niece. Mia did really well going to Seven Peaks. We haven't put her in the water yet, but think the next time we go we might try since she loves taking baths. The next weekend was the 4th of July which we went to Vernal for a family reunion. We rafted down the Green River, shot of Fireworks, and enjoyed visiting with family and as every holiday goes, eating way too much food. We also came home in time to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving point, which Mia loved! She just sat there and watched them will wide eyes. (I am so bad at taking picture that I have to steal pictures from other people, so thanks to those who document things for me!)

There was another baby at the reunion who is only 2 days older than Mia. They both fell asleep after church in the same position. It was really cute.

Mia is now over 2 months old and continues to change daily. She now not only smiles all of the time, but is starting to make more noises (besides just crying) and even has started to giggle and sit up a little bit. I have really enjoyed being able to stay home with her each day and play with her.
I think the more uncomfortable Mia looks the better she sleeps. Silly girl.
Ready for a bath!


  1. She is so cute Hanna! It was fun reading your update. You have had a BUSY summer! Sounds so fun though. Are you done with school now? It will be fun to hear about all the books you'll read this summer. I have a few recommendations, but one that comes to mind that is really good is "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters", by Meg Meeker. A must read for you and Eric. Of course there are the Dave Ramsey books too, ha ha.

  2. She is such a doll. I love the picture of her sleeping with her neck cranked to the side. And yes, it WILL go by far too fast! Enjoy every moment!


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