Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working Out Part 2: Zumba

Ok pretty much everyone already knows that Zumba is becoming the new popular workout (if not, now you know). This is one of those things that I heard lots about and kind of turned my nose up at it, not wanting to conform to the latest thing especially since it meant dancing which I'm not all that great at, however, I let my prideful self be humbled and gave it a try!

My friend Ashly and I wanted to switch up our workouts so we weren't always in the gym, so we thought we would try Zumba. I found zumba.com and there you can type in where you live and it will bring up tons of Zumba classes being taught on all different days and at different times. We went to one tonight (Tuesday) that a lady teaches at an LDS chapel on 1221 W 500 N. Ashly and I are always trying new things together and this was another fun experience to add to our list. There were lots of people so it didn't seem the focus was on you and basically...we LOVED it! It was a great cardio workout for an hour, lot's of fun, and (my favorite part) FREE! Plus, it was at 9pm-10pm which is after all the kids are in bed so a lot more women are free to go. So what I'm getting at is...you should all give it a try and even join us on Tuesday nights! 

And try not to laugh too hard at the picture of our sweaty and exhausted selves after Zumba. Ashly suggest I blog about our experience and what's a blog post without a picture?!

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