Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Day at the Zoo

This weekend was filled with lots of fun and family! We got to spend Saturday with Eric's family. We hadn't seen them since they moved so we really enjoyed that they could come down for the day. The afternoon was spent in Salt Lake with Mia's first trip to the Hogle Zoo! It was a hot day and the zoo was packed with people, but it was our first "family fun" trip since having Mia! I loved seeing Mia's reactions to all the animals as well as William's since it was his first time to the zoo as well.

Enjoy all the fun pictures for our visit to the Zoo!

Mia loved to point at all the animals she saw.
There was this wood elephant that would make sound and shot mist out of it's trunk. This kids all loved it and William is not afraid to go make new friends!

Mia pointing at the elephants

Along the sidewalks they had fans that would blow mist to cool everyone off. This was Mia' reaction to it...haha I love her scrunchy face! 

Proof that I was actually there!
In the past Will has seemed to be afraid of carousels and would only sit on the benches. I made a bet with Eric that he would get on a bench and Eric bet he would get on the praying mantis...lo and behold Will jumps on the praying mantis and I owe Eric dessert. Proof that I would be an awful gambler!

Our best shot at the "perfect" family trip photo. :)
Today we got up and went to Provo for Addi's baby blessing and church was at 9am! Even though we barely make it to our ward at 9am on time somehow we managed to leave home early enough and be on time for Sara's ward. It was good to be around lot's of family and attend church together, especially since I got to go Relief Society which I won't be going to anymore because I got my first calling! *This is kind of a side note unrelated to the weekend, but last week I was set apart to teach a class of 8 year old boys. The 7 of them were quite rowdy and...well...young boys but I think I'm going to enjoy it! I teach my first lesson next week.* Anyway, after church they had lunch at a park near them and everyone got to visit.

And if you haven't noticed already...another great thing about this weekend is that I got a hair cut! I decided to stray from my usual A-line hair cut and went short with thick bangs. With Annelise's amazing hair cutting skills I am ready for summer! 

Mia and I thought we would take these "lovely" pictures to show you :)


  1. What a fun weekend Hanna! Mia is so cute and I love your new haircut that was the first thing I noticed in your pictures.


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