Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Playing, Giggles and Crafts

That pretty much sums up our last couple of weeks with the girls. But here are a few updates on these cuties anyway :)

Mia is always up to something and keeps me laughing now that she is talking more. She is constantly coming up to me pretending to be someone whether it's Tinker Bell, Cinderella, a rhino, King or whoever comes to her mind. She LOVES to sing. We are always singing and dancing, especially in the car. Mia also still loves books. We go to the library every week for story time and we always come home with at least 8 books to read. Speaking of books from the library, I have been trying to get books about Halloween to prepare Mia on what is it all about. We have further prepared in going to Cornbelly's a couple times as well as doing some Halloween crafts. Today we made these cute ghosts. I just cut a ghost shape out of card stock and Mia glued on cotton balls and the eyes and mouth. Its was a fun little craft perfect for toddlers.

Mia also painted some little pumpkins that we got. She has been carrying them all over the house with her. 

Mia's favorite thing at Cornbellys was this slide and after going down a couple times on our laps she wanted to try it on her own. She's our little thrill seeker.

Livy is my little sweet pea. As was with Mia, one of my favorite things is getting Livy in the mornings when she wakes up. She is so happy to see Mia and I. Livy is also SO close to sitting up. She sat all by herself today for 5 minutes without toppling over. She also finished her first jar of baby food this week...green beans and she loved it! I can't believe she is almost 6 months old. That first year really flies by so very fast! She'll be one before I know it!

Livy has so much fun in her bouncer. She will spend a good hour or so just bouncing.

And as usual, I am still loving watching these two together. Mia is always making Livy laugh and Livy is always watching Mia play with wide eyes. You can tell she is very eager to jump in there and start playing princesses too.

Life is sweet :)


  1. What a great update! That is a cute ghost that Mia made...I need to do that with Elden!

  2. That ghost is a cute toddler craft! Maybe we'll have to try that one at our house. I especially love the last pictures of you and the girls talking to Eric. Aww! You guys are cute.


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