Sunday, January 12, 2014

Updates on the Miss's

These girls just keep growing and learning so much it's hard for me to stay caught up!

Mia: Sometimes I forget that Mia is just 2 years old as she is becoming so grown up and independent. There are times when I try to help her and she will hold her hand out and say "It's Mia's turn!". Mia still loves helping with her baby sister. She sings her songs while I'm putting Livy down for a nap, likes to hold her bottle, and making Livy laugh while playing with her. She even gets a little motherly when Livy gets cranky and Mia will come running in and say, "I'm coming baby, it's ok! Here I come!" in her best motherly voice.

Some of Mia's favorites right now:

- Disney's Frozen. We listen the soundtrack more times a day than I can count and Mia already knows all the words to the songs. Also whenever she see's a snowman she calls it "Olaf".

-Dressing up in her princess dress. More times than not Mia is in her one and only princess dress. It's starting to get in pretty bad shape! She loves to dance and spin while wearing the dress.

-Preschool. Since moving I joined a group of mother's who take turns doing preschool for the kids twice a week for 2 hours. One of the first things Mia asks when she wakes up in the mornings is if she gets to go to preschool.

-Playing games. We've started a little collection of games that Mia can play and at least once a day we end up playing Candyland, Pretty Princess, Memory and/or Fruit Bingo.

-Sledding. We've gone sledding quite a few times already and Mia just loves the thrill of it! She often will go down all by herself and even try sitting in different positions.

Funny things Mia has said:

- Mia: I'm leaving!

Me: "Where are you going to go?"

Mia: "To Livy's bed."

Me: "Why are you going there?"

Mia: "To save the queen. That's my goal."

- After Mia gets done singing a song she starts nodding her head and says "Good job Mia, good job!"

- Mia still doesn't quite know the words to the Pocahontas song "Savages". She always sings, "Sandwiches, sandwiches, barely even human."

Livy: Her personality is showing through more and more. I can already tell that she is going to be just as loud as Mia and still have the sass too. However, Livy is still always smiling and laughing. Even when she is fast asleep and I'm lying her in her crib for bed she has a little smile on her face.

The biggest development with Livy is that her two bottom, front teeth popped through the other week. I'm sure going to miss that toothless smile!

Livy is still not crawling, but I'm in no rush for that to start. She's pretty good at getting around from rolling all over and she has gotten really good at maneuvering her walker. 

Lastly, Livy loves watching other people, especially kids. She still smiles the biggest when seeing Mia or when they play.

Also if you haven't check out the blog that I'm doing with Sara makes sure to check it out! I'm in the process of updating our guest bathroom that I will be posting about over there later this month!


  1. So cute!! Emma LOVES Frozen too. The songs are awesome. And I love Mia's curled hair! And I just love Livy's smile, I miss that baby! Wish we were close still! Emma was asking for Mia at church today. We miss you!

  2. Wow, I can't even tell you how many of things that Sariah does JUST like Mia! Cute! We too are listening to the soundtrack of Frozen more times a day than I can count haha! Confession, maybe I like it more than she does?? Also, My kidlets request the song "savages" to be sung everytime they are brushing their teeth. What is up with that? They think that song is way funny and I just don't get it. Love these kind of posts! Your little girlies are adorable.

  3. Your girls are getting to be so big! They are so beautiful I love seeing pictures of them. When are you going to blog on your new home??? :)


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