Friday, August 21, 2009

One Family for Two Please!

Ok, so if you asked me about 7 months ago, this is definitely not what I would have ordered but as "fate" would have it here I am, newly married to one of the greatest guys I've ever met and starting an adventure together which so far has been quite the experience.
As I mentioned above, Eric and I were just recently married on the beautiful morning of August 6th in the Manti temple after meeting almost a year ago at the no other, BYU football games. After coming to find out that starting a blog is a "popular" thing to do for newly-wedded couples, I have decided to start this marriage right and start one. Besides starting this blog Eric and I have started our new family by trying to deplete the number of boxes stacked in our kitchen with all the things we got from our wedding, getting back to "real" life (as real as life can get while in college) after receptions and honeymooning it Tahoe by going back to work, and adjusting to living with each other. Me adjusting to watching a little more sports, and cleaning up after my much loved husband and him adjusting to hair all over the bathroom, scented candles, and me nagging him daily. You know....I really think we're off to a great start and on to a great future!

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