Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Man of Many Talents

Ok, so the point of this post is not to praise my husband to win brownie points or get out of doing the dishes, but just to show how much you can learn about a person from living with them for a month. And may I mention that today is exactly one month since we were married!
This last month has been a huge learning experience for both of us and I think we are slowly starting to get a hang of this whole "married" thing. For example, I've learned that if you decide to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to make breakfast for your husband before he goes to work, don't turn on a gas stove while holding an egg. The result: the igniting of the flame on the stove will startle you and the egg in your hand will go flying in the air and land with a "splat" on your new kitchen rug. I've also learned not to lay even a finger on a hanging shelf in an attic apartment with weak walls, because it results in the entire shelf falling along with everything on it and flour all over the kitchen floor. (Just as a side note, even through all my "in the kitchen" mishaps our kitchen is quite clean) Anyway, through all my learning experiences, Eric has stepped up to his role as Super Husband and is the first to cleaning up my messes physically and emotionally. Also, over the last month he has unveiled even more talents to add to the list of his list of already many talents...
After a long day at work of trying to figure out computer type things, which is most definitely NOT my area of expertise and exhausted from working out (which was my stab at trying to get back in the routine of going to the gym daily) I came home racking my brain of what to make for dinner...something that was quite and easy. Low and behold, Eric had dinner ready and waiting and not just one of those box dinners mind you, but homemade Lasagna! Even I can put down some pride and admit that that differently passed up my Cheesy Green bean Casserole (my first casserole) that I made the week before.
So the conclusion of all of this is, I was very blessed to marry a man of many talents and I am so glad that he is the guy that I get to come home to after a long day and be with. After a month of being married we are still madly in love with each other and life couldn't be better!

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