Thursday, February 17, 2011

Date Night

So Eric and I were watching the movie "Date Night" and it's starts out portraying this boring couple for New Jersey who do the same thing every date night and have little romance left in their marriage and through out the beginning, I'm thinking to myself, "this is so true"...but wait, in the middle of my thinking this I become appalled that I'm even thinking this at all...not only the fact that Eric and I haven't even been married 2 years, but we don't even have any kids yet (however soon to change)!!! Could we really be stuck in this rut already?!

Ok, I'll have to admit that being as hormonal as I am right now only added to the drama of the situation, but I have felt with Eric being so busy with school and me keeping busy doing tons of different projects and things we really haven't had a lot of quality time to spend together and when we do we usually just do our usual thing, which is watching the latest TV show we've started.

Lo and behold, after thinking about this I came across this blog were all these women got together and started blogging about creative dates they came up with to keep their marriages alive and fun. Granted, I've never been one for themed dates or cheesy tag lines, but the idea of trying to be more creative in dating your spouse to spruce things up beats the regular dinner and a movie.

So right in time for Valentine's Day I decided that each month I was going to try to put a little more thought into "date night" and do something creative and fun for both of us. Since Eric was extremely busy last week with a project that he was doing for school and wasn't home much, I decided to start out with something simple and relaxing...yet different from the "usual". While Eric was gone during the nights doing his project, I made little "love" notes telling him some things I especially loved about him. On Sunday morning, I got up before him and put the notes up around the apartment in places he would see them (by his toothbrush, on the door, on the TV, etc) then I made him breakfast in bed...stuffed french toast! All in all if was a success and good to spend some time relaxing together in bed and eating yummy food. Hopefully Eric doesn't mind that I'm sharing some of these :) And pictures of us. I've become quite the roller at night since I've been pregnant, my hair can get a little crazy. lol

In conclusion, I so admire those couples that can do whatever and keep things fun and bonding, but for those of us who have spouses with hardly anything in common (interest wise) we have to work a little harder...then again, whoever said marriage was easy? :)

Much love to my amazing husband....even though we have our differences...I picked a KEEPER!


  1. You are the cutest wife EVER. The End.

  2. So cute...the French toast looks so good by the way! Oh and you should send me the link to that blog you found.

  3. That is funny Hanna, because my sister and I JUST started doing the exact same thing! She was enjoying the regular tv-show-movie-watching or playing the Wii with her husband, but she wanted to jazz things up a bit and have more "formal" dates. She told me about the whole idea and now Lee and I are doing it. I am going to post some stuff about it. I am excited to see pictures of you! Only about 6 or 7 more weeks! YAY!


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