Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 signs I'm in the Final Stretch of being pregnant!

1. At least one of my meals each day consists of nothing but sweets. Last Sunday, I made Eric and I brownies with ice cream for dinner. (I dread seeing the number on the scale each appointment, but luckily it's been nice to me so far.)

2. My walk has turned into a very noticeable waddle.

3. I spend most of my time at work going to the bathroom.

4. My ankles and feet have swollen up to the point where ankle socks and moccasins are about the only things I can have on my feet.

5. I cried throughout the whole latest episode of "Biggest Loser". (Eric sat and laughed at me the whole time.)

6. I'm obsessed with buying cute clothes for Mia, which unfortunately she will only be able to wear for a couple of weeks or months at best.

7. All I ever want to do is sit down and relax or sleep. (This is not working out so great with my schooling.)

8. I can no longer remember what it feels like to not have something, or someone for that matter, jabbed up under my ribs.

9. My belly is getting so big that I thought I was going to be fairly free of stretch marks until I finally looked in the mirror and saw them all hiding on the lower half of my stomach which I couldn't see.

10. I'm getting so sick of my maternity clothes! There's about 4 shirts and 3 pair of pants that I switch between.

Anyway it's official...I have one month left before my due date!!! The sad news is that Mia could still not be here by then considering that most first babies come late. Things, however, are still going great. The doctor says everything is on schedule and we're both at a healthy weight.
These last couple of weeks my sister and sister-in-law threw my two fun baby showers with the cutest decorations and I've also starting putting together Mia's room. I just have a few finally touches left to make and then I promise to post pictures! Eric and I are both getting anxious to meet this little girl who is constantly moving around inside me and are so very thankful for everyone's help and support so far.

Now for some general updates about our lives. Eric is anxiously waiting to see what internship he gets this summer. His top choice for an internship is with Adobe in Orem. He has a really good inside connection and is hoping to get the spot. On the other hand, I am anxiously awaiting school to be over and have nothing besides staying home with my daughter for four months! Oh and we found out last week that we were eligable for medicaid, which means all expenses are paid for, which is a huge relief to us! It pays to be poor sometimes! We also go our taxes back which made me happy because it helped reach my goal for what I wanted in our savings account and Eric was sly enough to talk me into letting him buy a road bike. He's planning on doing a bike race in Ely and a mini-triathlon this summer. All in all, we couldn't be happier or feel more blessed at this point in our lives. The Lord is continuing showering blessing down on us that I feel we don't deserve sometimes, but are so very grateful for.

36 Week Pictures! Sorry they are not that great. My camera battery died and I was too lazy to get it out it to charge so I used the camera on my phone. Also, for some reason I look a lot smaller then I feel in these pictures too. Lol.I didn't get any pictures of the baby shower we had here in Provo sadly (I'm horrible at taking pictures!), but Annelise was kind enough to take some at the one we had in Ely along with capturing all the cute decorations and treats she and Sara made.


  1. Thanks for the pics! I can't believe I've never seen you pregnant! And what a cute list to make. I'm so with you on them all, but especially #3 and #8!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Speaking of pictures, I need to see some of your little man. I bet he's getting so big now! Do you have a blog of your family?

  3. If you have any more babyshower pictures, I wold love to see them. Sara and Annelise did such a great job! Yay for one month left!!!! I hope all goes well!


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