Monday, May 23, 2011

Chocolate Chip S'more cookies, Day time TV, and crafts

Yes, this title sums up my life lately. I'll start with the chocolate chip S'more cookies and what an amazing thing, I might add too! One of the things that Eric and I love to do in the summer's and have loved since before we got married is roasting marshmallows and making s'mores! We even love making them so much that we have been know to make them over our stove top. :) Anyway, while grocery shopping I discovered the new gigantic marshmallows, perfect for roasting, so naturally I had to buy them along hersheys chocolate and graham crackers. After making s'more last weekend, we wanted to try something a little different. This is when we came across the recipe for chocolate chip s'more cookies. All that needs to be said about these is that they are delicious and definitely worth making!

Now on to day-time TV. This is something I have never had to pleasure of watching since prier to now I have either been at school or work; however, now that I am home, I look for something to watch as I feed Mia. I might also add that we only get a few of the local channels so it has become a routine that Mia eats during the Rachael Ray show and Studio 5. These two shows have inspired me with cooking and crafting ideas and have kept me updated on the latest news and gossip ;). Last week on the Rachael Ray show she made Stuffed Turkey club burgers that looked really good so Saturday night I decided to make this for Eric. To my delight they turned out great and surprisingly quite easy to make! It's made me want to be a little more daring and try some more of her recipes. The gist of the all of this...try these!

Crafts: Going back to day-time tv, the local show Studio 5 everyday has different craft ideas they talk about. One time it was on how to make a chevron canvas art piece. I will have to admit that I have jumped on the bandwagon with the chevron design. Also with all of these ideas, it has put me in the crafty mood. Here are just a couple of cute craft projects that are on my "to try" list.

Look this bag, love books, love the chevron design!

I love the baby stats wall art! I think it would be cute to make one of these for Mia!
Mia's baby blessing is this coming Sunday and I dont' have a dress for her...eek! She is still so small that she doesn't quite fit in 0-3 month clothes so I have decided to give myself a challenge and make her dress this week. I'm not the best sewer so I wanted to make something simple and "summery" and found this dress! I'm going to give it a try so we'll so how it goes. I even found the same material.


  1. Yes, those cookies were awesome! I'm totally going to have to write that recipe down. And that's ambitious and brave of you to make Mia's blessing dress. Good luck!

  2. Those cookies look amazing! I am so making them next week, thanks for sharing!


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