Friday, May 13, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

These are just a few of my favorite things I love about my baby girl and my life!

1. I love those big curious eyes that are always looking around, even when I walk into her room to check on her when she should be sleeping and she is just looking up at me. :)

2. I love taking naps with Mia and waking up and seeing her cute face by mine.

3. I love how she loves taking baths in the kitchen sink and then being wrapped up tight in her towel and snuggling with mom.

4. I love waking up to this...he's such a great dad!

5. I love how Mia never keeps her feet in the feet of her pajamas and always has them up to her chest.

6. I love being able to dress her in cute outfits everyday! (Even if she ends up pooping all over them by the middle of the day.)

7. I love my amazing family who has been such a big help these last couple of weeks, especially my mom, Sara and Annelise!

8. I love my husband, who makes me feel beautiful everyday and does so much to take care of both of me and Mia.

9. And lastly and most of all, I love my perfect little family! I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful life and helping me daily as I try to be the best mother I can to such a precious gift He has blessed me with.

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