Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All about Family...but mostly Mia

So most of the time when I get my camera out, Mia is the only one who makes it in the picture; therefore, my camera consists of dozens of pictures of just Mia and rarely anyone else...except for this last weekend when I finally remembered my camera on an outing and go some picture of the family. We all went on a walk (sadly, minus Nathan) at the newly renovated trail south of BYU campus. It's a beautiful and peaceful walk along side a stream. The boys built boats out of whatever they could find and had a race to see who's would finish first down the stream. Seth won!

Sara and Collin (Plus a soon to be cousin for Mia! That's right, they are expecting a baby in April and I'm so excited!)
Tyler, Annelise and Sophia
Mom and Dad!

General Updates
After surviving our first week back to school (many desserts on my end to help me along) my parents, Seth and Nathan call came down for Labor day weekend for my cousins wedding. It was a beautiful sealing and reception. Congratulations Christina and Jackson! We had a great time visiting with extended family, especially with Grandpa Bohn!

Anyway, we are now on our second week of school and I think I'm slowly starting to like it. I forgot how much a love to learn and how much I love my major. I'm still getting use to being away from Mia in the afternoons and having homework to do, but all in all I think it will be an ok semester.

As for updates on Mia, she is doing great and still growing...way too fast! She still loves to scream and she is laughing a lot more too. She rolls all over the place and the best part...(drum-roll please) she is officially sleeping through the night!!! YAY!


  1. She is such a cutie. I love that little pixie face of hers. :)

  2. She is so cute Hanna! That is great you all could be together for Labor Day. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad the second week went a little better. GOOD LUCK! So exciting that Sara is expecting! Woo Hoo! I would love it if she had twins!!!


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