Monday, March 19, 2012

March Happenings

As to have sooner or later to have happened, weeks have passed by since posting last and as always lots has happened since then! March has proved to be a crazy month so far. WARNING...this means it could be a rather lengthy post!

The first weekend in March we went to Ely for Sara's baby shower. As usual I saved a lot of the preparation for the party until the last minute and we were scrambling to get everything together before the guests arrived. Needless to say, because of this I wasn't able to take any pictures before hand! I was really sad since that is one of my favorite things about throwing parties and we had so many cute things for it! Oh well...luckily my Grandma always has her camera and was able to get a few shoots. Besides a little of a late start that party was another success! It was fun catching up with everyone who came and celebrating Sara and Collin's soon to be new arrival!

As mentioned in previous post we did a vintage carnival themed baby shower. Excuse the pictures of the half eaten food I said I didn't get any before pics.

For the food we did mini carnival foods like mini wrapped hot dogs, mini hamburgers, popcorn and cake pop ice cream cones.

We also did a hair bow station where everyone made a hair bow for baby Addilyn.

Sophia was the star of the party in showing everyone her hand actions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Popcorn Popping". 

My baby after waking up from a long nap...hense the reason why the left side of her face is red with wrinkles lol.

The next weekend my family came in and stayed with us to attend my uncle Pat's wedding. Over this last year Eric and I have got to spend more time with Pat and we've become close as well as with his new wife Jill. They are both a lot of fun and threw a great wedding and after party! We were glad we could be there with them on their big day and wish them the best. Eric even threw Pat a small bachelor party where they went and did indoor surfing and out to dinner. It was also good to see family as well! Mom, Annelise and I went up to Sara's baby shower that Collin's family put on for her that weekend also and it was fun to see all the cute stuff she got for baby Addilyn. Can't wait to hold that little girl! I will never pass up an opportunity to hold a new baby. They are so sweet!

The happy couple!

Sad news of Ashly's dad passing earlier this last week led Sara and I home again for the weekend to be with Ashly and her family during the funeral. After growing up through our teenage years together, getting through high school and now college, weddings, babies, small and big events and now a funeral with Ashly I am so very grateful to have Ashly as a friend. She is one of the strongest people I know and with a powerful testimony of the gospel which I truly admire! It was a tender funeral service and it showed me what an example her father was! He will be missed by many.

As for our packed weekend so far, we have also stayed busy with the usual things; school, work and taking care of our sweet baby, which sadly isn't really a baby anymore. She'll be 1 in almost a month! Mia still warms my heart everyday with her slobbery kisses and smiles which are no longer toothless. Teeth seem to be popping in daily! She is still a great furniture walker and with even walk if you hold just one hand. She also is starting to stand by herself for longer periods of time. We're just waiting for that first step alone now. Mia is our little babbler and always seems to have her tongue hanging out and she is an eater like her parents. There isn't much she won't eat and I pray that it stays that way for the most part. 

Surprisingly, I haven't really taken any pictures of Mia lately expect this one. She had a couple of teeth coming in a few weeks ago and it just wore her out. She just laid on the couch by me pretty much all day. It was sad not to see her her playful self, but I couldn't complain about all the extra cuddling she usually is to busy to do.

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