Thursday, March 29, 2012


As mentioned in one of my earlier posts HERE, shortly after having Mia and being on the "pretty much feeding all day" schedule I discovered day time TV as well as one of my favorite local shows Studio 5. Since Mia has grown I have stopped watching much TV in the mornings, until just recently when I had a little episode of food poisoning and sat on the couch for the last two days. Today Studio 5 introduced me to a world of crafting with reusable grocery bags and I  fell in love with the idea! So much so that I went out and snatched me a few of these cute, colorful bags tonight for $1 each at TJ Maxs! It's a must watch clip on the different ideas this girl comes up with using these bags and soooo simple! Watch it HERE!

Anyway, that's how I entertained myself today. Here's how Mia entertained herself today...

She came crawling into the living room from the kitchen just covered in chocolate and trailing it along with her all over the carpet. Needless to say someone found my chocolate stash in one of the kitchen cupboards and decided to help herself to some. She definitely has her mama's sweet tooth! I couldn't help but laugh and snap a picture also after she tried to climb on me and got chocolate all over me as well.

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