Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We've seemed to make it a tradition to go to Vernal on Easter weekend, which I love because Eric's family has got all the fun traditions that we enjoy being a part of and of course being with family! Not to mention Mia seems to do so much better in other places...maybe it's all the spoiling she gets from her grandparents or just a new place to explore.

We went out to Vernal on Friday night and got there in time to say hi and all go to bed. Saturday we dyed Easter eggs and went and played some golf, which was my first time! I only played one hole, but didn't do too bad...I'm calling it beginners luck because normally I could't hit anything using my hands if my life depended on it (hence the reason I prefer soccer). Mia enjoyed the outing and riding around in the golf carts. We wore her right out and ended up taking one of the longest naps she's had in a very long time. Why can't she take long naps when we are at home? We finished the day by watching "We bought a Zoo" which is a really cute movie and got the tears flowing. After being pregnant with Mia it doesn't take much to make me tear up, especially when it involves children! I teared up at a commercial about the NICU the other day! A sad confession, but true.

Sunday we were all racing to get ready and to church by 9 in the morning. We really struggle when church is that time! Mia did the cutest thing doing Sacrament Meeting. When they were passing the sacrament to the congregation one of the boys passing the sacrament was standing by us waiting to get the sacrament tray once in finished our row. Mia reached out and grabbed his finger and held it till he had to move to the next row. Then she watched him until he came back the second time and reached out to hold his finger again. The boy was really sweet letting her hold his finger and I have to laugh with how social Mia can be sometimes. She loves going to strangers, especially the ladies. She takes a little longer to warm up to men but any younger kids she instantly drawn to. Sunday afternoon we continued with tradition and went up to a specific rocky place in the mountains where Eric's family always does their Easter egg hunt.

Yay Mia found an egg! Ok so we kind of found them for her and just set her down by it to pick it up which then sent the egg rolling down the mountain, but hey we found some eggs!

The weekend was a lot of fun and relaxing before we had to come home and get ready to finish out the semester, have Eric's graduation and move! I try to pack some boxes everyday to make the actual moving day a little less stressful however I've packed at least 15 boxes now and feel like I haven't even made a dent!!

Anyway some updates on Mia...she is now officially off formula!! I had to stop nursing Mia at 6 months when I had pneumonia and she's been on formula ever since which is really expensive! I figured since Mia is not a picky eater and is almost 1 I'd rather transition to a $3 gallon of milk rather then a $15 can of formula that lasts her a week. Anyway she transitioned nicely and is now also eating regular meals and loves mostly anything we give her. Mia also has taken 5 consecutive steps all by herself! She doesn't do it a lot because she still finds crawling to be less scary but will stand by herself a lot and getting braver and braver everyday. She could start walking any day which I find to be thrilling and also sad! My baby is growing up way to fast!!!

I realized that most pictures I've taken of her recently she is wearing this outfit. I promise she doesn't wear this everyday, but she does look like a cutie pie everyday! :)

This is Mia's progress so far as hair growth. We call it her mullet hairstyle because all that grows is her hair in  back and sometime it can be a party in back!


  1. Good luck with everything coming up! Glad you had a great Easter!

  2. Mia is so cute! Glad you had a fun Easter. Good luck with the new adventures life has for you just around the corner!

  3. Mia is so cute! Please bring her by the office before I leave! (April 19th) Good luck with packing--it's definitely worth it to do a little at a time when you can.

  4. Mia is getting so big. She is too cute though and I can't wait to be done buying formula also but I have a while before that will happen. Cute pictures and good luck with the move.


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