Friday, November 30, 2012

The "Big" Annoucement

For those of you who don't already know we are expecting baby #2 for our family, due April 29th (just 2 days after Mia's birthday)! After the miscarriage of the twins last April we decided we wanted to jump right back into trying to have another baby again and were blessed to only have to have waited 3 months until we found out I was pregnant again.

To be honest, last time I was pregnant I took for granted what a blessing God has given us to bring His children into this world and entrusts them to our care. Instead I would get caught up in all the "not so fun" things about being pregnant and the craziness that would come with having more children. After losing the twins I realized how fragile that gift really is so this time around it has helped me try to overlook not sleeping well for 9 months, swelling everywhere and the crazy transition to adding another child and focus on the sweet spirit who will be coming into our family.

I caved and let Eric take a picture of me since I haven't posted one for awhile and notice  the stocking holder behind me that I crafted this week of feeling good.
I am now 19 weeks along and past the "sickness" stage. Now I am in what I like to call the "heaven" stage on being pregnant where I am no longer sick and I actually feel like doing things, I'm big enough to finally get some comfort in maternity cloths and not look funny but still not big enough yet to feel uncomfortable and a baby kicking my ribs all day.

Now for the "Big" announcement! We had our ultrasound appointment today and since Eric and I both agree that we are not the couple who likes the surprise when it comes to finding out the gender of our kids we found out what baby #2 will be.

May I introduce miss Livy Caldwell

That's right we are having another sweet baby girl and we both couldn't be happier. I think Eric secretly likes his daddy's girl and is thrilled to have another. They do have a way of melting your heart. And as you have seen we already have a name. (It's official people so we can skip the "naming" conversation, which with Mia would go on for hours sometimes!)
The proof that she is a girl :)


  1. Yay for having sisters! And Livy is a darling name. Congratulations and I'm glad you are feeling better. :)

  2. That is great Hanna!!! I am so excited for you. And cute board that your stockings are hanging on. Great job! Glad you are feeling great. We're praying fora great pregnancy for you.

  3. This is such wonderful wonderful news!!!! Congrats on another beautiful girl!

  4. Happy Day, that is wonderful news. Congratulations!!!


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