Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Camping Easter Weekend

We'll pretend that it hasn't been months since my last post and that Easter wasn't more then a week ago. I've been behind in SO many areas of my life right now that I figure I need to start somewhere and just take it day by day. Luckily this blog post made it on today's list or maybe it's that my kids only seem to be satisfied to play if I'm sitting here and not moving around the house.

Anyway about Easter, as tradition has it we went out to Vernal to celebrate the weekend and be with Eric's family. This year his grandma rented us a trailer and along with their own trailer we went camping near the spot that we usually have our Easter egg hunt. We hadn't been camping since Mia was 4 months old, so I was at least grateful we were trailer camping and not tent camping in April and with 2 kids. Besides some light sprinkles of rain and Eric and the girls having super bad allergies, it was good camping weather and we had a fun time.

We pretty much didn't see Mia the two days we were on the mountain as she was highly entertained playing in the sand and dirt with William. Livy wasn't as happy since she wasn't able to be fully mobile and explore all the places Mia was going. Such as life when you refuse to learn to walk.

For some reason I didn't even think to get a picture of Mia finding all the Easter eggs. Another example of how my mind is failing me! Mia loved it though!

We went back to Eric's grandparent's house Saturday and went to church with his family on Sunday. His grandma got the girl's these adorable matching dresses. If only it was easy to get a picture of them both looking at the camera and smiling. Oh well!

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  1. Those little girls are the cutest! They'll be best of pals someday :)


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