Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Updates

If I were to give you all of our summer happenings from the beginning you would be here all day or just quit reading after the 10th paragraph so I'll kept it kind of brief. Plus hopefully some of you follow me at my other blog to stay a little more updated.

Basically this summer has been busy and fun from May to now. It seemed like we were gone visiting family and had family visiting all throughout May and June. Then in July we had Sara, Collin and Addie staying with us for 2 weeks. We had a blast having them here by the way!

Some people would say that's got to be crazy and sometimes it is, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I just love my family and all the commotion and have been glad we've got to see everyone at one point or another this summer. Also my best friend from high school came home from her mission at the end of April and moved to Provo so I've got to spend a lot of time with her. I've missed her and Sara SO much!

For updates on the girls; Mia is talking just as much as ever and even though she still has a little sass sometimes she's quite often my sweet, little helper. She LOVES to help me with just about anything I'm doing. I've also started to notice how friendly and not shy she is unlike me. Often times when we go to the park or someplace she'll just go find some kid around her age and start playing with them and by the end everyone around is her friend. She'd always rather be playing off with some little friend then me or Eric.

 Livy is pretty social too but more from a distance or if I'm holding her. She'll give just about anyone a cheesy smile but when they go to lift her up she freaks out. Plus she loves following all Mia and her friends around acting like she's part of the group. Livy is still not walking. She's making small strides to getting there but still highly prefers crawling. I guess I can't complain.

Oh and I can't forget the biggest update which is our new dog. For those of you who know me, you know I never wanted a pet. It was a battle Eric and I were constantly facing since we got married. One day I let it slip out to Eric that even though I still didn't personally want a dog it wouldn't be that bad having one as I always made it out to be. Since every time before that moment I refused to even slightly consider it, this statement seemed to light the spark and low and behold about 2 months later we came home with a 7 week old Beagle. We named her Missy. Even now I wouldn't call myself a dog lover, but having a dog has certainly changed my perspective on pets. Mia loves Missy and it's helped her get outside and active a lot more this summer by herself.

Life has been very good to our little family. We're still loving our neighborhood and our house. It's been fun to see all the pretty flowers blooming around our yard all spring and summer and to watch our garden grow. This year was definitely a learning year for that but it looks like we will get a little food from it. 


Happy summer!

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