Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family Pictures: Lifestyle Shoot

With growing children it is near impossible to stay up on family pictures and have them not look outdated just months after taking them. One thing I've been seeing a lot more of over the last year or two with photographers is doing a lifestyle shoot which naturally captures life spent together as a family without all the posing and staging. Granted I can't say either Eric and I are super natural or comfortable in front of a camera, but I figured something like this would be so precious to have once the girls are grown up. It will help us remember and let the girls see life as it was when they were care free and young.

I'd been closely following a neighbor we lived by when Eric and I were first married who was majoring in photography at BYU. I have seen her talent grow into a business and all her lovely shoots. She mostly has done weddings in the past but has started doing more lifestyle family shoots. When I saw this I knew I wanted her to be the one to do our shoot!

I love how she was able to capture our little family, especially our beautiful girls. This shoot will be something I will treasure!

Photos taken by Danielle Woodall


  1. Very nice! Totally unrelated, but you should still put something in the fair this coming weekend.....

    1. Haha. I've got nothing I could put in especially a couple days away. I promise to do it next year :) I have lots of time to prepare.


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