Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Livy's One Year Book

I kept putting off this book and even wondered if I should make one. Livy being the second child, she got a little neglected in the picture taking department. I also wasn't as good at documenting Livy's progress and "firsts" over year 1 as I was with Mia so I was worried there wouldn't be much to put in a book. However, with a code for a free book from Shutterfly and seeing how much Mia has loved looking at the two photo books I've made of her I convinced myself to sit down and do it!

It's crazy to see how much Livy has grown since first holding her in the hospital over a year ago. She is SO different from Mia in more then just her looks. She can be very sweet and then sassy all within a few seconds, definitely knowing how to hold her own with an older sister. My favorite thing is that Livy has been such a smiley and giggle baby from what seems like birth!

Boy, I love this little girl and the joy she has brought into our family this last year and a half! Oh and for a quick update...Livy is officially walking everywhere! It only took her 15 months.

Create your own custom photo books at Shutterfly.com.

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