Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Little Livy

It's probably because I don't have a child younger than Livy, but even at 2 years old I still consider her "my baby". It also probably doesn't help that she still isn't talking much yet, with actual words anyway, She babbles, screams and tells us full stories all in a language we cannot understand. I'm secretly hoping one day soon she will just start talking in full sentences and we won't have any's to dreaming though right!

Some things I really love about Livy is that she loves to snuggle; on her own terms of course but when she does it's for quite awhile and a lot more than Mia would ever want to. In the last year Livy has also joined in with Mia and I with developing a love for crafts and books. She loves to color, paint and do anything crafty and she also loves looking at books. She even will sit through long stories I'll read to her. Having similar interested gives me hope that one day the girls will be close.

As for now when it comes to Livy and Mia, they have their cute moments but the majority of the time it's them fighting over what the other person has and then vise versa. However, in the last few months Livy has finally wanted to have a little more to do with Mia as far as playing with her and wanting to do everything she is doing.

Even though this little girl can drive me crazy at times, she's also the one to make me laugh with how cute and silly she can be. I couldn't imagine our family without her!

For Livy's 2 year birthday we played it pretty low key. I just bought some cupcakes from the store, let her blow out some candles and she got to unwrap a few presents from extended family. For the girls combined birthday present, Eric and I bought them a playset from Costco that we had to build ourselves. After opening the boxes and seeing the hundreds of pieces we were feeling pretty overwhelmed by our ambitious gift idea. However, with some much appreciated help from friends and the girls having to wait a good month after their birthdays to play with their present it has been well used since then and throughout the summer!

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