Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Post about Throwing Up

I figure every blog has to have a post about throwing up at least if you're part of my family where everything (pleasant or unpleasant) has to be here's mine.

Last week our house was hit with what seemed like death itself! (Probably a little dramatic of a phrase, but somewhat justifiable.) Eric was away for work so it was just Mia and I at home. Thursday I woke up to what seemed would be a normal day in the life of someone who is 6 months pregnant with a toddler to tend; however after eating breakfast everything spiraled from there. By noon breakfast was long out of my system and I had thrown up 6 times with little relief in between and Mia was on her 3rd movie of the day. By this time my energy was completely zapped and I had no idea how I was going to continue on through the rest of the day with Mia with my throwing up becoming more frequent and vicious. After managing to get Mia down for a nap I called my sister Sara in a full out cry to ask for some help. I can't express my gratitude for her braving the extremely icy roads and once again taking on the task of watching not only her baby but mine as well! We have been so very blessed to have lived so close to family who can come and help and are so willing when it is needed. Needless to say, she is the BEST sister and I will be sad when we don't live close by anymore!

After going the whole day without any food or water and throwing up more times then I can count my body and energy was completely spent and felt something pretty close to death! However, I was finally able to rest for a couple of hours in some relief. Eric made it home around midnight to help nurse me through a rough night and take care of Mia the next couple of days. Friday I woke up to an extremely sore and tired body, 2 black eyes and a swollen face with spots all over it from all the broken blood vessels from the strain of throwing up so much. (My body was not made for throwing up!) By Saturday and with a lot of rest I was finally feeling much better; however by that night Eric was in the same condition that I was a few days previous and I was up all night myself in a little bit of a relapse.

Up to this point we have been really lucky in the fact that Eric never seems to get sick so we have never really had to deal with both of us being sick at once while taking care of Mia. This led to another day of Mia pretty much just watching movies and eating whatever was the easiest for me to get her.

So to sum this nasty weekend we both ended it many pounds lighter with our bodies totally cleansed (sadly not in the greatest way) and through all of this I must say Mia did so well with the little attention she got and being stuck at home for pretty much the whole weekend. Poor girl has been saying the name of every friend she has over and over again out of pure boredom. We have been lucky so far in her not catching whatever we had as well so fingers crossed it stays that way! As for Eric and I we are both feeling much better and after laying around for so many days it led me to getting a lot of projects done I have been meaning to do...mainly for Livy's room after of course a total sanitation of our house and bathrooms!

We are looking forward to a fun weekend with Eric's grandparents. Oh and to make up for this not so great post, that for some reason I felt I needed to document, stay tuned for an update post on Mia and the pregnancy! My face has finally cleared up enough where I feel comfortable having my picture taken :)


  1. This is sooo horrible! I'm glad you are feeling better! Seriously, there's nothing worse than being a sick mama. ugh.
    P.s. hope you post about your projects. i always love to see what you do!

  2. Yes, I would love to see your projects too! So wonderful that you and Eric are feeling better. Have a great weekend going to see his grandparents! And yay for great sisters!


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