Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mia Love

No...not the republican running for congress in Utah...but a post all about Mia! I realized that it has been awhile since I've updated everyone on all the new things Mia is learning.

If you can believe it, my baby is now 18 months old! The big thing about turning 18 months is that she no longer has to make all of church miserable for us but can now go to nursery! She of course loves it! Mia has never been one to be really attached to us, in fact the minute we set her down anywhere she seems to start booking it in the other direction. Having a very adventurous toddler is fun but makes it extra hard sometimes when we're out, because we basically spend our time chasing her around, but has been nice for things like babysitters and nursery.

Mia is learning LOTS of new words! It's so fun to one day hear her say a word I haven't really been trying to teach her, but just picking up on things I always so to her. I guess we need to start watching what we say! Her vocabulary includes the following words:

"Mia" (not sure if she has made the connection yet that she is saying HER name)
"Here ya go" and "Here we go"
"Tank dou" (Thank you)
"Nigh nigh" ("night night")

She can tell you what a cat, cow and bear say. She has started giving big hugs where she wraps her arms around your neck and now kisses with her mouth closed so they are not as slobbery. Mia can eat a bowl of cereal all by herself with a spoon and can also use a fork. She gets scared when people knock on the door or ring the door bell for some reason. Her favorite movies are Tangled and Finding Nemo and she LOVES to have books read to her, especially "Go Dogs Go" and her Sandra Boynton books. Mia is also getting better at listening to me when I ask her not to do something and even isn't too bad at staying in time-out when I set her in corner. Sometime when I just warn her that if she does something again she will have to go to time-out in the corner she'll walk over to the corner and sit down like she is in trouble already. I have to keep from laughing a little. Lastly, Mia is so playful and loves playing with friends and of course her Dad!

Also as of this week Mia not longer uses pacifiers. Before she only ever got one during her afternoon nap so she didn't really use it a lot anyway, so when she bit through her last pacifier I decided to just get rid of it all together. It only took her one day to really adjust to napping without it and hopefully stays that way!

My favorite thing right now is when I go and get Mia in the mornings or after her naps she holds her blanket up to me and wants me to wrap her in it and snuggle with her for a few minutes. Then she proceeds to give me a big hug with her cute cheesy smile.

Although this girl can be all drama sometimes, nothing has giving me more pleasure then to be her mom. I don't know what I would do when Eric was gone if I didn't have her to keep me smiling, regardless of how tiring it can be some days.

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