Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Staying in Touch with my Crafty Side

I don't normally have this many "crafty" posts this close together since its not something I do every night but since I have been trying to get a lot of crafts done before Livy comes I practically have been! And although my Pinterest Challenge is over I still get most all my ideas and inspiration for projects off there, which is where these next two projects came from.

First up are Quiet time boxes for Mia. Since she stopped taking naps a couple of months ago I resorted to quiet times in her room in the afternoons for about 2 hours on average for her bust mostly my own sanity. I also think quiet time is a great way to teach kids how to play quietly and entertain themselves for awhile. Anyway, I noticed lately Mia getting bored with the toys in her room and she would be done playing in less then an hour before she would be banging on the door ready to come out. So when I saw THIS idea on pinterest it was a must try! What she did was have a box for each day of the week and filled them with different toys for her kids to play with during quiet time, giving them something new to play with each day and keep them entertained.

So here are the things I started off with to make my "Quiet Time" boxes.

- 5 plastic containers (I found mine at Walmart for about $3 each)
- Labels with each day of the week (Monday through Friday)
- Age-appropriate things to fill containers with. (I started out with trying to get at least two different things per box and plan on adding to them as time goes.) You also can use thing that you already have so you don't have to buy everything.

For each box I tried to add something on the educational/developmental side like a book about colors or these cheap, cute puzzles I found at Walmart with ABC's and numbers. Then I tried to add something that would spark creative play like some more magnetic paper dolls or a princess dress up set.

I also tried to spruce up things I already had. For example, I grabbed a picture online of a kid's road map and printed that out and laminated it for Mia to drive this little fisher price car on.

Another thing I did was make some blankets and pillows out of some fabric scraps I had for these cute dolls that Mia was given for her birthday. She loves tucking things in "nigh-nigh".

These boxes have been a huge success and have made quiet time for Mia a lot more fun and entertaining. It gives her something to look forward to each day and makes it less painful for me so I  can enjoy some "me" time in the afternoon as well.

My second project were these adorable cardigan onesies I made following THIS tutorial. I made these for a friend who is due just a couple days after me and is having a boy. I never get to make things for baby boys so I couldn't resist! They turned out SO cute and were SO easy to make!

Here's what I used:

-Cute onesies to make the cardigan. I got these two onesies from Old Navy
- Double wide bias tape.
-Buttons to sew on the cardigan
- plain white onesie to go underneath
-coordinating scrap fabric to make the bow tie and tie. If you do the tie you'll also need double-sided iron on adhesive.

Now my list is pretty much complete on the crafts I wanted to get done. Now I just need my nesting phase to kick in and clean my house before this baby comes! On a side note I scheduled to be induced on my due date which is Monday, but I'm hoping Livy will decide to come before then!

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  1. Ah! so close! I'm in love with those cardigan onesies. I could maybe be brave and attempt making them ;). Hope Livy decides to come before Monday!

  2. You are on a roll! What a great ideas and cute things!


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