Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Wrap-Up

So my Pinterest Challenge when a little M.I.A for awhile there, but I am pleased to report that I did finish it, with one exception. First off, these last couple of weeks leading up to my due date I have had a list full of projects and things I wanted to get done before baby #2 came so for my own sanity I had to cut something out. Unfortunately it was the wood clock from my Pinterest Challenge. That will have to be a project for this summer when things settle down a little bit. However, I did complete the final project on my Pinterest line up which was a calendar using paint chips. It was such an easy projects and I LOVE how it turned out, especially for the fact that I finally have a calendar that I've  been wanting for some time now to keep track of all our things.

So here is my pinned, inspiration picture (original source HERE):

And here is my final product:

This calendar is hanging in my kitchen, so I went with a yellow color scheme to match my kitchen's (if you don't remember what my kitchen looks like check out this post HERE) and I'm kind of in love with ombre things right now and I knew this would be the perfect project to incorporate it.

So here is what I did...I got my paint chips from Walmart and just cut them down to the size I wanted them. Then I got a big sheet of poster paper and just adhered all the squares onto that along with the days of the week and taped that to the back of the window, making it super easy if I ever want to change it. Then I just used a dry erase marker to fill in everything else! Easy peasy!

Now if you noticed on the calendar, this last weekend we had a weekend getaway planned in Heber. I've been starting to feel antsy being in the house as I get ready to have this baby so we thought it would be fun to have a last "hurrah" as a family and go have a fun weekend away.

Eric has some points saved up from all his traveling for work to get a free night stay at the Holiday Inn in Heber so we booked that for Friday night and were on our way to a fun weekend together. Let me tell you this weekend has its fair share of the point of it almost being laughable. We started off by making plans to go to Deer Creek reservoir to do a little fishing and to cook hobo dinners. Upon arriving we quickly came to find out that it was hardly ideal weather. It was super windy and pretty cold but we decided to stick it out anyway. For Eric this weather was nothing and he and Mia enjoyed themselves, but for me I was FREEZING! After waiting around in the cold for over an hour we came to find out that we burnt our dinners to a crisp. We then finally decided to move onto plan B, that being grabbing some good old fashioned pizza and then heading to the hotel.

Once at the hotel Eric and Mia got in their swimming suits and we all headed down to the pool. Mia had so much fun swimming and jumping off the side of the pool to Eric.

For bedtime we put Mia down in one of the beds and then waited out in the hall for a bit until she fell asleep. I told Eric I felt like I was back in high school on a school trip when we would all sit outside our rooms and talk to the boys because we couldn't go in each others rooms. Haha. Once Mia was asleep she was out like a light and we were able to watch some shows together and relax in the room before going to sleep ourselves. As most nights lately I ended up getting up in the middle of the night with heartburn and not being able to sleep so I turned on a movie on my kindle in the corner not to disturb anyone. Pretty soon I saw two little legs climbing down from bed and soon Mia was snuggled up next to me on the floor. We ended up jumping into bed with Eric and all  watched Super Why at 3 in the morning. Finally we all got back to sleep and Mia didn't wake up the next morning until almost 9 AM giving us enough time to go get some breakfast. Before going home we did a little shopping at the outlets in Park City and grabbed some lunch. 

I'm sure to those of you reading this it doesn't sound like much of a fun weekend getaway, but to be completely honest it was so worth it for me to see how excited Mia was through all of it. She was having the time of her life throwing rocks into the lake, pushing the elevator buttons, having a sleep over with Mom and Dad and just getting to experience something new before she has to start adjusting to having a baby sister. Seeing this made me so glad we did this little getaway and made it easier to just brush off all the things that went wrong (something that I'm not usually very good at).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. What a fun weekend! So glad you went. Mia is SO cute! Can't wait to hear about the baby!


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