Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kitchen Crafting

As I mentioned in a previous post when my sister came and stayed for a week we did some serious crafting including doing some things for my kitchen. I wanted to bring a little color into the kitchen and some display pieces. Two things I love for kitchens in a country styled kitchen and china hutches. We weren't doing a complete kitchen make-over or anything, but I wanted to add some of the elements I like into the kitchen we have now so one day when I can have my "dream" kitchen (wishful thinking) I'll already have my inspiration pieces. So we started by looking on KSl for china hutches and found this one that was in great condition and wouldn't be hard to give an updating.

They were selling it for $50, but as I've learned people are always willing to come down in price if you just ask, especially if they really want to get rid of it. I ended up getting this hutch for $30 and we managed to fit it in the back of my car! Double score!

I really wanted to paint it a fun color to add a "pop" to my kitchen and make the hutch itself a display piece. We decided to take the easy route and spray paint it. We were educated on how to paint this from the blog All Things Thrifty. She writes great tutorials on painting and glazing furniture. So after 5 cans of primer and 5 cans of yellow spray paint, antiquing glaze, some new knobs from Hobby Lobby and some learning along the way this project was complete! Some things we learned that the best spray paint primer is the KILZ spray from Lowes. We started out with the Krylon spray primer because it was cheaper and it didn't cover nearly as well. We probably would have saved money if we just started out using the KILZ spray. We did use Krylon spray paint for the color which we got at Walmart and that worked perfectly after priming the hutch. The total for this hutch came out to be around $70!

We filled the hutch with things I had around the house. We also made the "EAT" sign that seems to be the craze for kitchen signs now. We just got these 4 pieces of wood, painted and distressed them, screwed the wood together and added painted chipboard letters. A total for $3 for the sign!

I still have a few little things I would like to do in the kitchen like hang an old window that I have with a wreath and would love to try refinishing a larger dining room table sometime too, but that will have to be down the road. For now here are some pictures of the whole kitchen.

These bar stools I also got after KSL for $50 for the 5 of them!
A big thanks to Sara for all her help! Can't wait to see what we come up with the next time she comes and stays! :)


  1. LOVE the hutch!! what a cheerful kitchen you have created :)

  2. so cute! why don't you live closer to me so you can help me decorate?!

  3. GREAT job Hanna! Looks so good! I love the pictures from the reunion too--thanks for sharing! It was so wonderful seeing you, Eric and Mia!

  4. I absolutely love the hutch! The whole kitchen is so adorable. I really like how fresh the color combinations are that you have created.


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