Thursday, July 5, 2012

Annual Robertson 4th of July

Most years since Eric and I have been together we have gone home for the 4th of July. We originally planned this year to stay in Utah and enjoy the festivities here since I have never done that, but everyone else was going home so we decided to go home as well so we could all be together for what I believe is the first holiday we've all been home.

The weather in Ely was beautiful that I got up in the mornings with my mom to go walking and we enjoyed every evening visiting on the back porch. There is nothing like the mornings and evenings in Ely with the peace and quiet and fresh air! By the second day in Ely Tyler, Annelise and Sophia came and Sophia and Mia played from then on until we left. Those two were so fun to watch play together. It was basically Mia following Sophia around where ever she went. It was the cutest to see them sitting together and they would just start looking and giggling back and forth at each other. They even enjoyed an afternoon in this kiddie pool my mom got while us women got some sun on our legs as we watched them.

Mom, Annelise and I also enjoyed some girl time by painting our toe nails for the 4th. Sophia of course already loves getting her nails painted, but when we decided to try it on Mia she acted as if we were torturing her. More evidence that I think we have a tom-boy on our hands! Sara, Collin and Addi arrived late Tuesday night so we had Wednesday to celebrate the 4th together as a family as well as my Grandpa Bohn and Grandpa and Grandma Robertson. It was so fun to have everyone there!

We started the 4th by going to the annual ward breakfast where they do a little program and serve cinnamon rolls and fruit. Then we went to Ely's 4th of July parade. To be honest I would never recommend just going to Ely's parades for the sake a seeing the parade, but more for having fun with the family as well as seeing the kids enjoy it. Mia clapped and pointed as all the floats and cars went by and enjoyed some candy that was thrown.

We had the three girls in there adorable matching outfits and had to snap some pictures of them all together.

I love this one of Grandma with her Grand-babies (even if the girls weren't exactly cooperating!)
After the parade we had our annual BBQ with all the yummy food we only ever seem to eat on the 4th of July. We changed in up a little this year by setting up a table on the back porch and actually sitting around a table instead of doing it buffet style and all sitting where ever there is a chair. Annelise and I got a little creative with the table settings to make it more festive. The rest of the afternoon was spend enjoying the weather outside, the girls playing with Grandpa on the swing set, visiting and eating food until we couldn't possibly eat any more!

The Grillers

Since Eric had testing for work the next day we heading home that night so we missed the fireworks, but we were able to see all there different fireworks going off across the city on our way into town which was fun to see. We had such a fun time with everyone! It's made me see how crazy it's going to get once we all have more kids, but also excited for when all the cousins can play together!


  1. How fun!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the matching outfits for all the girls! Your mom looks like one happy Grandma! What a great time you all had--Ely seems to be a great spot to celebrate the 4th!

  2. Those matching outfits are ADORBS! Ely looks like the perfect 4th of July celebration destination :) with all your cute family. Love the pictures, as usual...

  3. looks like so much fun! cute pics.


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