Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Trip to the Library

One of the many things I love about where we live is having a library so close. It's just down the street and since moving here I got my first library card since moving away from home! (This was very exciting for me believe it or not haha.) I remember going to the library a lot when I was young, going to story-time and even when I got my first library card. I felt so special to have a card all of my own, like I could go to the library and have endless options for stories that would sweep me away as I read them. Who knew a library card could do that! Haha. Needless to say I love to read, but it was definitely  a love my mother helped nurture. My mom always encouraged us to read, especially in the summer when we were home all the time. When I would go stay at my Grandma Bohn's in the summer she had this reading chart of a tree and for every book Sara and I read we got to put a leaf sticker on the tree and when it was full we would get a have a little party with the three of us. Since then I have spent my summers catching up on all my "fun" reading that I normally don't get to do during the school year because I am reading text books.

Anyway, I want to instill my love for reading in Mia so off to the library we went. Mia actually has a ton of book that I bought all at once off KSL so I wouldn't have to read the same book to her day after day, but they are all still packed away until I get shelves to put them on in Mia's room so we've been checking out books for Mia at the library. I'm going to be honest in that this last trip to the library wasn't the "magical" experience I remembered them as a child (mostly because Mia is still so young and I tend to remember things how I want to rather then how it actually occurred). Instead Mia enjoyed pulling all the books off the shelves and climbing on the kids tables and when I would try to hold her hand to move along with me she would just fall on the floor and scream until I let go. Got to love toddlers! So I ended up carried her, a stack of books, my wallet and keys which was quite the handful! However, once we got home Mia wasn't so distracted with all the new things to see that we sat down for the next half hour and read the books we got.

Now she brings "Go Dog Go" up to me to read to her about 20 times a day, mingling the other books in between. So overall I would say it's a success not to mention I got to try out my new lense Eric got me for my birthday while taking these pictures!


  1. she is SO cute. keep those pictures coming!

  2. She IS such a cutie. I love looking at how you beautify your environment as well.


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