Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacationing in Fargo North Dakota

Ok, so for being someone who has been on a role with blogging lately I haven't been doing so great at it these last couple of weeks and to boot I've been even worse at taking pictures! As I've said before I don't like to blog unless I have some pictures to make up for my lengthy posts; however, this time it's just going to have to be one of those you've been forewarned!

Eric is FINALLY back home after being away in Fargo, North Dakota for the month of June doing training for work. After coming home in the middle of the month for a weekend he went back for another two weeks. The first of those weeks Sara took pity on my being along and brought Addi and stayed the week. We had so many thing we wanted to do along the lines of crafting, shopping, eating and watching movies. We stayed busy having fun, but only got about half our list done. We did some crafts for my kitchen which I'll do a separate post for, dyed some more pants, went shopping, made some goodies, took family pictures, and what would be a girls week without an episode of the "Bachelorette"?! Needless to say I had a blast and love when my sister gets to come and stay!

My mom came in that weekend to watch Mia for this last week when I flew to Fargo to spend the week on vacation with Eric. Aka...Eric had to go to training everyday, but I got a sleep in, laze around the hotel room, watch endless amounts of mindless TV with no cleaning and cooking involved! Another guy's wife was spending the week in Fargo as well so we hung out a couple of the days by walking to the zoo and going to the mall. I'm so glad she was there and that we got along, because I would have been really bored without her! Eric and I would walk to dinner in the evenings and being the sweet husband that he is he would bring me back dessert from the cafeteria at Microsoft from lunch.

Before I left for Fargo I was so ready for a break and I didn't think that I would mind leaving Mia at all, but by the middle of the week I was dying to hold my baby! It made me realize that even though being a mom can be hard at times I would never want to go back to how things were before without kids no matter how good those times were because they are much better now. I've never known and probably will never know a greater joy then the joy that comes with being a mom!

Eric and I flew home Friday evening and made it home just in time before Mia went to bed. I felt like even with just a week of not seeing her she seemed so much like a big girl and not my little baby. She ran over to us and I've never seen her more excited to see us! A big thanks to my mom for taking on the challenge of watching her for the week and loving Miss Mia while we were away. I definitely feel ready to assume the role as mom and wife now with a calm and clear head!

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