Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Square Top

May I just start off by acknowledging that this post is my 100th post on the blog and I'm just a few more views away from having 10,000 page views! So a big thanks to people who actually take interest enough to at least look at my pictures and want to keep up on our family! I've come to really enjoy blogging and documenting my thoughts, family events, crafts and pictures.

This week I got in the sewing mood and one morning decided to make Mia a shirt. I've been wanting to make this square shirt which I originally found on pinterest from a tutorial from Cotton and Curls blog. It looked super easy, but I wanted to try it out in a little smaller scale before I did mine.

Just as expected it was super easy and turned out really cute and minus a cranky kid this project would take less then an hour to make! My suggestion...make this!

Finally I got some smiles out of this girl on camera! I love capturing her fun personality!

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  1. You are so talented! Teach me your ways! I'm glad Mia's doing a bit better than yesterday :)

  2. such a beautiful girl and I love the project. One day I need you guys to teach me to be crafty!


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