Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Update Week #4 and #5

If you recall back from my original post of my Pinterest Challenge (HERE) next up on the list was the braided scarf and pretzel bites, both of which I finished this week.

For the braided scarf there was no tutorial behind the picture that I pinned so I was on my own for a pattern. I looked around online to see if anyone else had attempted this same thing and found a few different patterns which I kind of merged together to make my own. There still was some trial and error in this, but in the end I liked the end result. Enough so that I think I want to try one in a different color and maybe even try using a bigger crochet hook for a looser feel...maybe for next winter! Anyway, if you would like to attempt this yourself here is the pattern I used which basically involves one kind of stitch. It's super easy!

120 chain stitches (this depends on the desired length you want the scarf)
Double crochet back onto the chain
Repeat for a total of five rows of double crochets (not including chain)

Make 3 of these "mini scarves" and then braid them together.
Finish off by sewing your ends together to make it an infinity scarf and you're set!

The result...

Next up were the pretzel bites which I was very excited for! I followed the recipe to a tee HERE except for shortening the cooking time to 10 minutes instead of 15-18 which it says. These turned out to be pretty tasty and definitely something I would make again! 

What could better finish off a wonderful Conference weekend than a delicious snack to share with friends?!

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  1. It's been fun seeing all of your challenges along with Sara and Annelise! Great job on the scarf!

  2. Oh my heck, that scarf!! SOO cute! You look so beautiful in that picture! Can't believe you are so close to having your little one!

    1. Thanks! You're super sweet to say so! I know it's crazy I'll have a baby in less then a month!


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