Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pinterest Challenge

Are you as addicted to pinterest as I am? Before Pinterest I was always just bookmarking pages and it was starting to get a little out of hand searching through all my bookmarks to find the site I was looking for. Not only do I love Pinterest because it helps me organize all the different ideas and things I like that I find on the web, but it helps me find new ideas and inspirations! 

However, I'm sure we all get in the habit of "pinning" rather than "doing". So when I came across the Pinterest challenge on Merricks Art Blog I thought it was the perfect solution! What she did was choose six different things from her pin boards that she wanted to do and planned on doing one a week for six weeks.

Here is my line up for the next 6 weeks:

1. If you recall awhile back I made THIS square top as practice before I made one for myself. Depending on what I find at the fabric shop this week we'll see if I end up doing just a plain square top or color blocked. I'm hoping I can make this top turn out, but also have it work to wear being 8 months pregnant too :)

2. I LOVE this homemade clock and have been wanting to make one for sometime now. My sister-in-law beat me to the punch and made one for her sister for Christmas. Take a look! I turned out so cute, it convinced me that I want one for myself! I'm planning on painting one of the wood strips either a muted teal or cream to match my new color scheme for my living room.

Original source HERE
3. Mia loves playing with magnets and it has been a great way to keep her entertained during church. When I saw this on Pinterest I pinned it instantly with Mia in mind. I thought this would be a great addition to the few she already has and possibly even have it be a good entertainment toy for the car.

4. One of my favorite things to get at the mall are some yummy pretzel bites. They are to die for! This recipe was one of the first things I pinned after joining Pinterest with those pretzels from the mall in mind and surprisingly I still haven't tried it so this had to make the line-up!

5. I love scarfs and I like crocheting so this is a perfect and easy DIY project.

6. My sister gave me an old window as decoration for my kitchen a couple months ago. We got it hung, but  so far it's just this plain window on a big white wall. I have been thinking on what I could do to spruce it up. When I was looking through my Pinterest boards I saw that I had pinning this diy dry ease calendar quick awhile ago and thought it would work perfect to add some color to the window and also solve my need for a calendar!

Now that you've seen my Pinterest Challenge line-up, have I convinced anyone else to try this with me :) I would love to see your Pinterest line-up!

And while we're on the subject of Pinterest, Eric and I have been in the process of making Mia this platform bed I found from it and posted about a couple weeks ago HERE. About a week ago we finishing the platform bed and yesterday we finished building the headboard for it! Since it was such a cold and windy day we were not able to get it painted like I was hoping, but this week/weekend is looking like promising painting weather. I'm so excited to get this completed and show you the finished product!

Mia loved being in the middle of all the building and tried to be as much help as possible (regardless if it was helpful or not lol). It was cute to see how excited she was that we were building something especially for her.

Yay we finally finished after a number of mishaps!


  1. I'm super excited to see all your pinterest projects come together! and yes, I am totally addicted to pinterest! I think I might join you in this six week challenge. It sounds totally fun :).

    1. You should! You are always doing super cute crafts and I would love to see what you come up with :)

  2. Good choice on the paint-chip calendar--I made one just after New Year's, and I love it!


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