Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Us Girls

Instead of a girl's night Mia and I had a girl's "day". This wouldn't have been complete without shopping, comfort food, chatting and a chickflick...all of which was included in our day!

In the morning we went with some friends and checked out the new outlets in Lehi. I figured I would be safe from buying anything since I am so pregnant. Although I may have still ended up getting something for myself that I'm hoping will fit post pregnancy :) We went a little bit before lunch time so after doing some shopping we were all ready to get some food and came to find out that there were no food places at the outlets. A little bit of a let down which ended up cutting our shopping short. On our way home we stopped in at an old time favorite...Red Robin for some yummy "comfort" food.

During Mia's quiet time I somehow managed to talk myself off the couch to paint Mia's headboard. Now all I have left is the platform bed which I'm enlisting Eric's help this weekend to paint and then we can finally call this project complete!

For our "chick flick" we settled for a daily favorite of Mia's, The Frog Princess which she likes to call "Froggy". And we ended the evening with even more comfort food of brown sugar, banana pancakes (something I was craving)...

 and a video chat with dad. 

 My "girl's day" was completed with another video chat with my sister after I put Mia to bed. I am so excited that she gets to come out and play next week! We've already got a list started of all the things we want to do. :) Also my sister has joined with me in doing the Pinterest Challenge! She's got a great line-up so make sure to go check it out HERE.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather because we are LOVING it!


  1. Mia's hair is looking long! I know how weird they don't have food place at traverse mountain huh? Sounds like a fun day!

  2. What a great girl's day!!! Love it! Can't wait to see more of your projects!


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