Sunday, March 24, 2013

A New Discovery

Last week was packed with family and fun! Among this week of fun we made a new discovery that was fun for the whole family that I just had to share!

Eric's grandparents and his little brother were out for some doctor's appointments at the beginning of last week. They invited us to join them in going to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum located in the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City. I had never heard of it and at first hearing the word "museum" it made me think that this was not something for Mia since she doesn't really like to just sit still and is VERY hands on. Turns out this is the perfect place for children like that...meaning pretty much every kid out there!

What I loved most about this place is that it has SO many things for children to explore and learn from that it will keep them entertained for many hours. It encourages discovery, creativity and pretend play; all important things for a child's development. They also have something for children of all ages as well as the whole family.

A Monday afternoon was the perfect time to go since it wasn't crowded with other kids and it gave Mia lot's of room to run around and explore. It was so cute to see her play pretend as well as discover new things.

Mia making herself a sandwich. I was impressed with how well she knew how to put one together  from just watching me every day. (We both like out daily turkey and swiss sandwiches for lunch!)

I would highly recommend a trip there with the kiddos! You can even find a coupon on their website HERE for $5 admission per person Fridays and Saturdays after 5pm. Plan on being there for a couple of hours of fun as there is a lot to do!

The rest of the week my sister Sara and her daughter Addie came and stayed with us. In the few days that she was here we went shopping (mostly for Sara since I can't fit in anything obviously), went to a movie, visited with friends and went to lunch, got dessert a couple of times, watched some TV shows, and worked on a joined birthday party we are going to have for Mia and Addie. It was fun to have them here, especially since they recently moved to Ely about a month ago so I don't get to see Sara as much anymore.

This is quick picture Eric snapped of the two girls playing. Addie was very tolerant of all of Mia's "tackling" hugs and kisses. I think these girls are going to have some good times together!


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