Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Update

I'll admit I got a little behind in my Pinterest Challenge last week while my sister was visiting. My plan was to knock off quite a few crafts on my list this week, including some from my Pinterest Challenge. However, as life would have it Mia got sick and that left us confined mostly to the house so I had to do projects that I already had the things for. I decided to skip over the wood clock and go for the magnetic paper dolls.

My original plan was to go to Hobby Lobby and see if I could get my hands on the same paper dolls that she found in tutorial HERE from Make it Love it; but since I was trying to use things I already had I decided to try printing my own. I had pinned this website that had tons of printable paper dolls quite a while ago and thought this would be the perfect project to us them!

Mia is on a "Frog Princess" kick lately...ok make that the last couple of months. We watch that movie at least 2-3 a week. So I went with a Frog Princess themed ,magnetic storyboard and paper dolls. I used the printable paper dolls from the website I mentioned earlier and then just looked online for a few more of the characters, accessories and a background.

Then instead of the adhesive magnetic sheets she used on the tutorial I had some magnetic sheets that you can print your picture right onto that I had leftover from a project I did last Christmas. (I got these at Walmart...Avery Inkjet Magnet Sheets 3pk) I used Photoshop to get everything to fit on the 2 magnetic sheets. Then after I cut out all the pieces I mod podged the tops to give them a protective coat. For the background I just printed it out on card stock and mod-podged that to the cookie sheet.

The only thing I went out and bought was the cookie sheet from Walmart for $3 making this project cost a total of just $3!

Mia couldn't wait to get her hands on this as I was making it and when I finally got it all finished she was set for a good hour of entertainment and of course this followed with having to watch the movie.

I'm also working on the braided crocheted scarf...maybe I'll have at least a couple days left to wear it before it warms up too much! So stay tuned for that and the reveal of Livy's nursery which I also finished this week!

Make sure to also check out the Pinterest Challenge updates at my sister's blog HERE as well as my sister-in-laws blog HERE!

Hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend!


  1. I'm SO loving this! I bet Mia was super excited. This is making me want to do the Pinterest Challenge too! It looks really fun!

    1. Thanks! I say you should :) You're always pinning cute thing!


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