Sunday, March 3, 2013


Or otherwise known as compulsive eating of ice, which describes me to a tee for the last week or so.

Over the last couple of weeks my discomfort level has jumped up significantly where I'll be just sitting on the couch and my hold body feels restless and antsy, I feel light headed and short of breath and I can't focus on much, not to mention I am very irritable. Poor Eric gets the brunt of most of this. I remember feeling similar a couple weeks before having Mia, but I've still got two months to go! At this point, I'm thinking I'm going to go crazy! Then one day I was craving a big cup of ice. I never felt so good eating ice! The rest is history from there. Now you will probably always see me munching on a cup of ice like it's candy even if it's 3 in the morning!

Anyway my point is, I thought is was kind of a weird craving (that and taking a little extra time while doing laundry to smell the laundry soap a couple of times and loving it). However, at my most recent appointment it turns out I have a mild  case of anemia and craving ice along with other non-food substances is common when anemic. Good news is this is of course curable with iron supplements...bad news is that I am probably ruining my teeth for life as well as Mia's (at least her baby teeth) since she likes to sit there with me and eat ice too.

Other then that little update, everything else is on schedule and normal with the pregnancy.

Mia is still doing good in her toddler bed besides that fact that she has learned how to open doors so of course the one morning she gets up earlier then normal and I decide to just leave her in her room to play until I'm ready to get up, I hear her door open and then little fingers scratching at my door. Needless to say door-knob covers have been promptly added to her door :) And after all the things I am constantly telling her are "no-no's" she decided that the one thing that she was going to actually remember was that pooping the tub was one of them. She now is always walking around the house saying "no no tub" with her serious face. Haha, she makes me laugh.

As for this coming week, we are planning on building the headboard to the bed we made Mia a week ago so once we get that done I will take pictures and since it's suppose to be nice this week I am planning on getting some nice pictures of Mia too. Let's hope she cooperates! Then I will actually have something for you all to look at, instead of endless novels each week! In the meantime you can enjoy a change of scenery as I've revamped the blog a little.


  1. Love the update. Sorry you've been uncomfortable! Even your posts without pictures are fun!

  2. I hear that a fat piece of liver will do the trick as well. :)
    My mom had that too and I remember her chomping away at ice. At least it wasn't paint chips or something non-foody.


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