Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

As many others, I wanted to take today and dedicate this post to the amazing father my daughters are so lucky to call theirs...aka a bragging post.

I don't think words would do it justice to express the joy it gave me to see Eric hold our daughters for the first time in the hospital and see that amazed and loving look in his eyes. I also love seeing how excited Mia gets when her daddy comes home or when he plays with her and watching him rock Livy to sleep. I really picked the best of the best!

So thanks hun for constantly bending over backwards to make sure we're taken care of. Not by just going to work every week but coming home and taking care of the girls, getting up with them at night, cooking and cleaning, being so willing to watch the girls when I need a break, taking Mia on daddy-daughter dates voluntarily and letting me rant about how what a pill Mia was that day or letting me share all the cute things both Livy and Mia do because you've given me the greatest gift of getting to stay home and take care of them.

And of course, I am also very grateful for a wonderful father of my own. I will never forget when I got my heart broken by some guy for the first time and my dad bought me flowers and chocolate or being the first one to tell me it was ok to mourn over loosing my babies when I miscarried twins. There have been many other times like these where I have been truly touched from what my dad has done for me. He's being one of my biggest examples spiritually throughout my life and supporter. I love you dad!

So Happy Father's Day to these two amazing fathers and to all the other fatherly figures I've had throughout my life!

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